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100 1  Berg, Anne,|d1981-|0
245 14 The capitalist state and the construction of civil society
       :|bpublic funding and the regulation of popular education 
       in Sweden, 1870-1991 /|cAnne Berg, Samuel Edquist. 
264  1 Cham, Switzerland :|bPalgrave Macmillan,|c[2017] 
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504    Includes bibliographical references (pages 181-202) and 
505 0  The Capitalist State and the Construction of Civil 
       Society; Acknowledgements; Contents; Abbreviations 
       Swedish; Abbreviation Swedish, with English translation; 
       List of Figures; 1 Capitalist States and Civil Societies; 
       The Capitalist State and Civil Society; The Construction 
       of Civil Society; The Institutional Expressions of the 
       Swedish Capitalist State; Research Setting and 
       Methodology; What Is Popular Education?; Popular Education
       Research; The Approach of Our Study; Outline of the Book; 
       Notes; 2 Autonomisation, or, Governing the Evolution of 
       Freedom; The Nineteenth-Century Capitalist State. 
505 8  Popular Education and the Popular ClassesThe Political 
       Rationality of Subsidies for Popular Education; A Tale of 
       Three Policies; Voluntary Education for Social Cohesion; 
       The Enabling and Stabilising Role of Government Resources;
       The Grant System; Rising Grants, Rising Organisations; The
       Role of Public Funding for Folk High Schools and Lecture 
       Societies; Notes; 3 Independent yet Functional and 
       Rational; Governing Organisations; Bureaucratically 
       Connected and Formalised Organisations; Circumscribing the
       Ideological Possibilities; Programmes for Social Consent; 
       Apparatuses of Self-Regulation. 
505 8  Notes4 Autonomisation and Bureaucratisation in the Welfare
       State Era; The Formation of the Welfare State and the 
       Swedish Experience; The Making of a Popular Education 
       Sector; An Overview of the Government Grant System from 
       1911 to 1991; General Usefulness for the State and the 
       Nation; Integrating Public and Private Funding; The 
       Bureaucratic Integration of Popular Education; The Rise of
       a Government Popular Education Bureaucracy; The 
       Corporatist Nature of Study Associations; Creating 
       Organisations for Services and Cooperation. 
505 8  The Corporatist Balance Between Popular Education and 
       Government as Reality and IdeologyNotes; 5 Designing 
       Popular Education; Governing Internal Organisational and 
       Educational Practices; Defining Organisational and 
       Educational Forms; Requiring Systematicity, Pedagogical 
       Quality and Cooperation; Governing Ideological Content; 
       Fostering a Democratic Mind: From Anti-Politics to the 
       Popular Movement Spirit; Reproducing National Identity; 
       Promoting Morals and Elevating the Youth; Safeguarding 
       Educational and Cultural Quality. 
505 8  Defining the Boundaries: The Contradiction Between Ideal 
       and Organised Popular EducationNotes; 6 Conclusion; The 
       Capitalist State and the Strategy of Autonomisation; 
       Autonomisation and the Historical Process of 
       Bureaucratisation; Epilogue: Autonomisation the Neo-
       Liberal Way; Notes; Bibliography; Archival sources; 
       Archives of the Ministry of Education and Ecclesiastical 
       Affairs/Ministry of Education (EU); Archives of the 
       National Board of Education (SÖ); Archives of the Popular 
       Education Association and its predecessors (FBF); Riksdag 
520    This book challenges the idea that a sharp boundary should
       be drawn between the state and civil society. Although 
       this idea is extremely common in modern capitalist 
       societies, here it is turned on its head through a study 
       of the ways in which public funding from the 1870s to the 
       1990s has enabled and shaped collective action in Swedish 
       popular education. Popular education has generally been 
       seen as independent of government control, with strong 
       connections to popular and labour movements; in this 
       volume, Berg and Edquist narrate a new story of its rise 
       by analysing how a government grant system was constructed
       to drive its development. A key element in this government
       policy was to create and protect popular education as an 
       autonomous phenomenon, yet making it perform state 
       functions by regulating its bureaucratic make-up and 
       ideological content. The book will appeal to scholars and 
       students of history, education, and sociology, 
       particularly those with an interest in the workings of the
       capitalist state as well as the history of education. 
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