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245 10 Finance: the discreet regulator|h[electronic resource] ;
       |bHow financial activities shape and transform the world /
       |cEdited by Isabelle Huault, Chrystelle Richard. 
260    Basingstoke :|bPalgrave Macmillan :|b[distributor] Not 
300    288 p. :|b9 figures, 13. 
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505 0  Foreword-- M.Power Introduction: Finance: The Discreet 
       Regulator-- I.Huault, E.Lazega & C.Richard PART I: 
       Financialization through Hybridisation: the Subtle Power 
       of Financial Controlling-- J.Morales & A.Pezet How Big 
       Four audit firms control standard setting in accounting 
       and auditing-- C.Ramirez Ambivalence and ambiguity: The 
       interpretative role of compliance officers-- M.Lenglet 
       Maintaining the regulative order in the credit rating 
       agency industry-- B.Taupin PART II: MARKETS AND STATES: 
       FORMS OF JOINT REGULATION Banks as Masters of Debt, Cost 
       Calculators, and Risk-sharing Mediators: A Discreet 
       Regulatory Role in the Case of French Public-Private 
       Partnerships-- E.Penalva-Icher, C.Richard, A.Jeny-Cazavan 
       & E.Lazega Market Information as a Public Good. The 
       Political Economy of the Revision of the Markets in 
       Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID)-- P.Lagneau-Ymonet
       & A.Riva Finance in Public Service: Discreet Joint 
       Regulation and Institutional Capture at the Commercial 
       Court of Paris-- E.Lazega & L.Mounier PART III: THE 
       PROCESS OF RULES' PRODUCTION How finance regulates trade 
       union involvement in French SRI-- E.Penalva-Icher 
       Constructing the Market for Credit Derivatives. How Major 
       Investment Banks Handle Ambiguities-- I.Huault & 
       H.Rainelli-Weiss Legitimizing an Ambiguous Financial 
       Innovation: the case of Exchange Traded Funds in France-- 
       L.Deville & M.Oubenal. 
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520    The financial sector is the talk of the global village. 
       This book highlights that, before asserting that the 
       institutions of the financial sector deserve to be 
       regulated, one should consider that these very 
       institutions are themselves the discreet regulators of the
       markets where their activity takes place.|bThe global 
       financial crisis that began in the summer of 2007 has 
       brought the financial industry to centre stage. While most
       current analysis focuses on the way finance can be 
       regulated in the topical context of the economic crisis, 
       this book aims to show how financial activities actually 
       shape and transform the world. Highlighting that the true 
       regulators of the economy are not only regulatory state 
       authorities, the book demonstrates that the financial 
       sphere really does contribute to rule-setting. It argues 
       that actors that seem to be the objects of regulation or 
       intervene only at its fringe are in fact 'discreet 
       regulators' which provide the institutional framework that
       fosters the creation and globalization of markets.  
       Building on a series of case studies, Finance: The 
       Discreet Regulator highlights how public authorities and 
       private actors jointly regulate the real world, with joint
       regulation being dominated by a multiplicity of financial 
       actors, and looks at a variety of key players, who take 
       part in the very heart of the regulatory process. 
538    PDF. 
545 0  ISABELLE HUAULT is a professor of Organization Studies at 
       Paris Dauphine University, France. She is Head of the DRM 
       Management Research Center (UMR CNRS 7088). She researches
       sociology of financial markets, neo-institutionalism and 
       critical studies with a focus on the social construction 
       of markets and organizations.  CHRYSTELLE RICHARD is an 
       associate professor at ESSEC Business School in the 
       Accounting and Management Control Department and Associate
       Researcher to the ESSEC-KPMG Financial Reporting Centre. 
       She has published articles on the topic of the quality of 
       audit and financial reporting in various journals, such as
       Auditing: A Journal of Practice and Theory and European 
       Accounting Review. 
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700 1  Huault, Isabelle. 
700 1  Richard, Chrystelle. 
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