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245 04 The firebird of Rio Maximo. 
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518    Originally produced by ZED in 2012. 
520    Fefo is responsible for the Rio Maximo reserve in Cuba, 
       where thousands of pink flamingos arrive at the end of 
       June from Colombia, Venezuela and all the Carribean 
       islands, to reproduce in what has become the largest 
       nesting zone for Caribbean pink flamingos. Along with his 
       men, Fefo has created this reserve to shelter young 
       flamingos abandoned by their parents during the great 
       migration, either because they were born too late, or 
       because they were too weak to travel. To capture them, 
       they have to reach the flamingo city, deep in the heart of
       the reserve. Once the birds are surrounded, the men have 
       to herd them back to the enclosure where they will be 
       raised and cared for during two years. Then, when they 
       will be strong enough, they will be released in the wild. 
       Director : Jean Queyrat & Vincent Gremillon (Cuba). 
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700 1  Queyrat, Jean,|edirector. 
700 1  Gremillon, Vincent,|edirector. 
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