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100 1  Soh, Jung.|0
245 10 Genome annotation /|cJung Soh, Paul M.K. Gordon, Christoph
       W. Sensen. 
264  1 Boca Raton :|bTaylor & Francis,|c[2013] 
264  4 |c©2013 
300    xxi, 232 pages, 16 unnumbered pages of plates :
       |billustrations (some colour) ;|c24 cm +|e1 CD-ROM. 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    unmediated|bn|2rdamedia 
338    volume|bnc|2rdacarrier 
490 1  Chapman & Hall/CRC mathematical and computational biology 
500    "A CRC title." 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index. 
505 00 |gChapter 1|tDNA Sequencing Strategies|g1 --|g1.1
       |tEvolution of DNA Sequencing Technologies|g1 --|g1.2|tDNA
       Sequence Assembly Strategies|g2 --|g1.3|tNext-Generation 
       Sequencing|g5 --|g1.4|tSequencing Bias and Error Rates|g6 
       --|tReferences|g7 --|gChapter 2|tCoding Sequence 
       Prediction|g9 --|g2.1|tIntroduction|g9 --|g2.2|tMapping 
       Messenger RNA (mRNA)|g9 --|g2.3|tStatistical Models|g13 --
       |g2.4|tCross-Species Methods|g19 --|g2.5|tCombining Gene 
       Predictions|g23 --|g2.6|tSplice Variants|g24 --
       |tReferences|g27 --|gChapter 3|tBetween the Genes|g31 --
       |g3.1|tIntroduction|g31 --|g3.2|tTranscription Factors|g31
       --|g3.3|tRNA|g36 --|g3.4|tPseudogenes|g44 --|g3.5|tOther 
       Repeats|g49 --|tReferences|g50 --|gChapter 4|tGenome-
       Associated Data|g55 --|g4.1|tIntroduction|g55 --|g4.2
       |tOperons|g55 --|g4.3|tMetagenomics|g56 --|g4.4
       |tIndividual Genomes|g60 --|tReferences|g65 --|gChapter 5
       |tCharacterization of Gene Function through Bioinformatics
       : The Early Days|g69 --|g5.1|tOverview|g69 --|g5.2|tStand-
       Alone Tools and Tools for the Early Internet|g71 --|g5.3
       |tPackages|g73 --|g5.4|tFrom Fasta Files to Annotated 
       Genomes|g77 --|g5.5|tConclusion|g79 --|tReferences|g79 --
       |gChapter 6|tVisualization Techniques and Tools for 
       Genomic Data|g83 --|g6.1|tIntroduction|g83 --|g6.2
       |tVisualization of Sequencing Data|g84 --|g6.3
       |tVisualization of Multiple Sequence Alignments|g88 --
       |g6.4|tVisualization of Hierarchical Structures|g91 --
       |g6.5|tVisualization of Gene Expression Data|g96 --
       |tReferences|g101 --|gChapter 7|tFunctional Annotation
       |g105 --|g7.1|tIntroduction|g105 --|g7.2|tBiophysical and 
       Biochemical Feature Prediction|g105 --|g7.3|tProtein 
       Domains|g108 --|g7.4|tSimilarity Searches|g112 --|g7.5
       |tPairwise Alignment Methods|g116 --|g7.6|tConclusion|g119
       --|tReferences|g119 --|gChapter 8|tAutomated Annotation 
       Systems|g125 --|g8.1|tIntroduction|g125 --|g8.2|tMagpie
       |g126 --|g8.3|tGeneric Model Organism Database|g135 --
       |g8.4|tAGeS|g137 --|g8.5|tEnsembl|g139 --|g8.6|tSummary
       |g142 --|tReferences|g143 --|gChapter 9|tDynamic 
       Annotation Systems: End-User-Driven Annotation and 
       Visualization|g145 --|g9.1|tIntroduction|g145 --|g9.2|tWeb
       -Based Genome Annotation Browsers|g146 --|g9.3|tStand-
       Alone Genome Annotation Browsers|g155 --|g9.4|tComparative
       Visualization of Genomes|g162 --|tReferences|g169 --
       |gChapter 10|tWeb-Based Workflows|g173 --|g10.1
       |tIntroduction|g173 --|g10.2|tPrinciples of Web-Based 
       Workflows|g173 --|g10.3|tGalaxy|g175 --|g10.4|tTaverna
       |g179 --|g10.5|tSeahawk|g183 --|g10.6|tConclusion|g192 --
       |tReferences|g192 --|gChapter 11|tAnalysis Pipelines for 
       Next-Generation Sequencing Data|g195 --|g11.1
       |tIntroduction|g195 --|g11.2|tGenome Sequence 
       Reconstruction|g196 --|g11.3|tAnalysis Pipelines: Case 
       Studies|g200 --|g11.4|tNext-Generation Genome Browsing
       |g205 --|tReferences|g210. 
650  0 Bioinformatics.|0
650  0 Genomics|0
       sh2002000809|xData processing.|0
650  0 Human genome.|0
700 1  Gordon, Paul M. K.|q(Paul-Michael Kempton),|d1976-|0http:/
700 1  Sensen, C. W.|q(Christoph W.)|0
830  0 Chapman and Hall/CRC mathematical & computational biology 
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