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100 1  Smith, V. Anne,|eauthor. 
245 12 A code for Carolyn :|ba genomic thriller /|cV. Anne Smith.
264  1 Cham, Switzerland :|bSpringer,|c[2019] 
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490 1  Science and fiction 
504    Includes bibliographical references. 
505 0  Intro; Contents; Part I: The Novel; 1: A Code for Carolyn:
       A Genomic Thriller; Chapter One; Chapter Two; Chapter 
       Three; Chapter Four; Chapter Five; Chapter Six; Chapter 
       Seven; Chapter Eight; Chapter Nine; Chapter Ten; Chapter 
       Eleven; Chapter Twelve; Chapter Thirteen; Chapter 
       Fourteen; Chapter Fifteen; Chapter Sixteen; Chapter 
       Seventeen; Chapter Eighteen; Chapter Nineteen; Chapter 
       Twenty; Chapter Twenty-One; Chapter Twenty-Two; Chapter 
       Twenty-Three; Chapter Twenty-Four; Chapter Twenty-Five; 
       Chapter Twenty-Six; Chapter Twenty-Seven; Chapter Twenty-
       Eight; Chapter Twenty-Nine; Chapter Thirty 
505 8  Chapter Thirty-OneChapter Thirty-Two; Chapter Thirty-
       Three; Chapter Thirty-Four; Chapter Thirty-Five; Chapter 
       Thirty-Six; Chapter Thirty-Seven; Chapter Thirty-Eight; 
       Chapter Thirty-Nine; Chapter Forty; Chapter Forty-One; 
       Chapter Forty-Two; Chapter Forty-Three; Chapter Forty-
       Four; Chapter Forty-Five; Chapter Forty-Six; Chapter Forty
       -Seven; Chapter Forty-Eight; Epilogue; Part II: The 
       Science Behind the Fiction; 2: The Biology Behind 
       Carolyn's Code; Introduction: The Complexity of Genomes; 
       From Gene to Protein; "It's Not Junk"; Chromosomes 
       and the Human Hoax 
505 8  The Code: Synthetic Biology and Synthetic GenomesThe Rise 
       of Genetic Engineering; Synthetic Genomes; Carolyn's Code;
       The Two Axes of Aging; Mitochondria and Free Radicals; 
       Telomeres and Cellular Senescence; A Longevity Treatment; 
       Some Final Words 
520    Carolyn's parents did not, after all, make genomics 
       history by synthesizing her genome in a lab. She has known
       she is the "Human Hoax" ever since a high school genetics 
       exercise revealed she has trisomy X--a chromosomal 
       abnormality--yet no synthetically constructed genome would
       have such clear traces of natural conception. Many years 
       later, as molecular biologist, she hopes her colleagues 
       never learn of her embarrassing origins. But when someone 
       ransacks her office and lab, she finds professional 
       embarrassment is the least of her worries. Someone 
       believes she has the results of her parents' last, secret 
       experiments, and is willing to kill to get them. But all 
       she has from her parents are their genes--can she find 
       what else they may have left her before somebody else 
       does? In a not-so-distant society, where corporations 
       wield as much power as nations and the line between 
       corporate employee and state authority is blurred, the 
       chase is on. Carolyn may have just too little time at hand
       to unravel the mystery of her parents' final days and to 
       realize the deep consequences for the future of mankind. 
       This fast-paced novel is followed by an extensive science 
       chapter where the author provides a non-technical primer 
       on modern genetics and on the speculative biology behind 
       Carolyn's code. 
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650  0 Genomics|vFiction. 
650  0 Future life|vFiction. 
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830  0 Science and fiction (Springer (Firm)) 
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