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LEADER 00000nam a2200337 a 4500 
008    040615s2004    gw a     b    001 0 eng d 
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035    .b28849048 
040    OrLoB|beng|cOrLoB|dVU 
050    RC685.M9 
082 04 616.124|221 
245 00 Metabolic cardiomyopathy /|cedited by H. Böhles and A.C. 
       Sewell ; with contributions by M. Beck ... [and others]. 
250    2nd rev. ed. 
264  1 Stuttgart :|bMedpharm Scientific Publishers,|c2004. 
300    166 pages :|billustrations ;|c24 cm 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    unmediated|bn|2rdamedia 
338    volume|bnc|2rdacarrier 
505 00 |g1|tMorphological presentation of cardiomyopathy / |rG. 
       Mall|g1 --|g1.2|tDifferential diagnosis of hypertrophic 
       cardiomyopathy|g1 --|g1.3|tDifferential diagnosis of 
       dilated cardiomyopathy|g4 --|g2|tPossibilities and 
       frontiers of myocardial biopsy in childhood / |rA. A. 
       Schmaltz|g11 --|g2.1|tBiopsy techniques|g11 --|g2.2
       |tHistopathological diagnostics|g12 --|g2.3|tIndication
       |g13 --|g2.4|tSuccess rate and complications|g14 --|g3
       |tDisturbances of the carnitine system as a cause of 
       cardiomyopathy / |rH. Bohles|g17 --|g3.1|tDevelopmental 
       aspects of myocardial energy metabolism|g17 --|g3.2
       |tCarnitine plasma membrane transport|g17 --|g3.3
       |tMyocardial fatty acid oxidation|g18 --|g3.4|tCarnitine 
       plasma membrane transport defect (systemic carnitine 
       deficiency)|g18 --|g3.5|tCarnitine palmitoyltransferase 
       (CPT) system|g19 --|g4|tDefects in long-chain fatty acid 
       oxidation as a cause of cardiomyopathy / |rH. Przyrembel, 
       A. C. Sewell|g25 --|g4.1|tLong-chain acyl-CoA 
       dehydrogenase (LCAD) deficiency|g29 --|g4.2|t3-Hydroxyl-
       CoA dehydrogenase (LCHAD) deficiency|g29 --|g4.3|t2, 4 
       Dienoyl reductase deficiency|g30 --|g4.4|tTrifunctional 
       protein deficiency|g31 --|g4.5|tVery-long-chain acyl-CoA 
       dehydrogenase (VLCAD) deficiency|g31 --|g4.6|tLong-chain 3
       -ketothiolase deficiency|g31 --|g5|tCardiomyopathy in 
       [beta]-ketothiolase deficiency / |rV. Hesse, A. C. Sewell,
       H. Bohles, H. Haberland, B. Middleton, B. Fielder, H. 
       Forster, W. Janisch|g35 --|g5.1|tCase report|g37 --|g6
       |tCardiac involvement in glycogen storage diseases / |rR. 
       Santer, K. Ullrich|g47 --|g6.1|tBiochemical bases|g47 --
       |g6.2|tClinical aspects|g52 --|g7|tCardiomyopathies and 
       mitochondrial defects of oxidative energy metabolism / 
       |rW. Sperl|g67 --|g7.1|tCharacteristics of the oxidative 
       phosphorylating system|g68 --|g7.2|tAging presbycardia|g69
       --|g7.3|tCardiomyopathies as a consequence of a secondary 
       damage of the OXPHOS system (secondary mitochondrial 
       cardiomyopathy)|g70 --|g7.4|tPrimary mitochondrial 
       cardiomyopathies|g71 --|g7.5|tClassification of 
       mitochondrial cardiomyopathies|g73 --|g7.6|tDisturbances 
       of cardiac rhythm in defects of the OXPHOS system|g76 --
       |g7.7|tFrequency of cardiac involvement in mitochondrial 
       (encephalo-) myopathies|g77 --|g7.8|tDiagnosis of 
       mitochondrial cardiomyopathies|g77 --|g7.9|tTherapy|g79 --
       |g8|tPericardial effusion refractive to therapy in an 
       infant with the carbohydrate-deficient glycoprotein 
       syndrome / |rW. Kienast, F. Walter, K. Heyne|g85 --|g9
       |tCardiomyopathy in congenital disorders of glycosylation 
       (CDG) / |rJ. Gehrmann, H. Bohles, T. Marquardt|g87 --|g9.2
       |tCase reports|g88 --|g10|tCardiovascular changes in the 
       mucopolysaccharidoses / |rC.-F. Wippermann, M. Beck, D. 
       Schranz, R. Huth, I. Michel-Behnke, B.-K. Jungst|g99 --
       |g10.1|tChanges of the coronary arteries|g100 --|g10.2
       |tAlterations of other arterial vessels|g102 --|g10.3
       |tArterial hypertension|g102 --|g10.4|tMyocardial changes
       |g103 --|g10.5|tChanges in the conduction system|g104 --
       |g10.6|tAlterations of the heart valves|g105 --|g10.7
       |tTherapeutical influence on the cardiovascular 
       alterations|g109 --|g10.8|tMortality as a consequence of 
       cardiovascular causes|g110 --|g11|tCardiovascular 
       involvement in Gaucher disease / |rE. Mengel|g113 --|g11.2
       |tHeart|g114 --|g11.3|tCor pulmonale|g115 --|g12|tSelenium
       deficiency in children with cystic fibrosis and 
       phenylketonuria-metabolic and echocardiographic findings 
       during sodium selenite therapy / |rE. Kauf, L. Vogt, J. 
       Seidel, K. Winnefeld, H. Richter, H. Vogl, H. Dawczynski, 
       A. Forberger, D. Schlenvoigt|g117 --|g12.1|tPatients and 
       methods|g117 --|g13|tFabry disease--a progressive 
       multisystemic lysosomal storage disorder / |rM. Beck|g123 
       --|g13.1|tPathophysiology|g123 --|g13.2|tSymptoms|g124 --
       |g13.3|tGenetics|g127 --|g13.4|tTreatment|g127 --|g14
       |tAnderson-Fabry disease associated cardiomypathy / |rC. 
       Kampmann|g133 --|g14.2|tCardiac manifestation|g134 --
       |g14.3|t"Cardiac variant" of AFD|g144 --|g14.4|tGender 
       related differences|g144 --|g14.5|tOnset and progression 
       of the cardiomyopathy|g145 --|g14.6|tClinical features of 
       cardiac involvement|g146 --|g14.7|tCardiac involvement in 
       children with AFD|g146 --|g14.8|tNatural history and death
       |g146 --|g14.9|tTreatment|g147 --|g15|tLaboratory 
       diagnosis of metabolic diseases presenting with 
       cardiomyopathy / |rA. C. Sewell|g153 --|g15.1|tDefects in 
       mitochondrial long-chain fatty acid oxidation|g153 --
       |g15.2|tDefects in carnitine metabolism|g154 --|g15.3
       |tDisorders of the respiratory chain|g155 --|g15.4
       |tDisorders of complex carbohydrate metabolism|g155 --
       |g15.5|tOrganoacidopathies|g157 --|g15.6|tOthers|g157. 
650  0 Myocardium|xDiseases.|0
650  0 Cardiovascular system|xDiseases.|0
650  0 Heart|xHypertrophy.|0
650  0 Heart|xMetabolism|xDisorders.|0
700 1  Böhles, H.|0 
700 1  Sewell, A. C.|0
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990    MARCIVE MELB 201906 
990    Uploaded 20-07-04 nre 
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