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100 1  Chomycz, Bob, |eauthor. 
245 10 Fiber optic installer's field manual |h[electronic 
       resource] / |cBob Chomycz. 
250    2nd edition. 
260    New York, N.Y. : |bMcGraw-Hill Education LLC., |cc2015. 
300    xiii, 434 p. : |bill., figs., tables. 
504    Includes bibliographical references and indexes. 
505 0  Machine generated contents note: -- Ch. 1 Introduction -- 
       Ch.2 Properties of Light -- Ch. 3 Optical Fiber -- Ch. 4 
       Fiber Optic Cables -- Ch. 5 Cable Procurement -- Ch. 6 
       Safety Precautions -- Ch. 7 Handling Fiber Optic Cable -- 
       Ch. 8 Outdoor Cable Installation -- Ch. 9 Indoor Cable 
       Installation -- Ch. 10 Fiber Optic Cable General 
       Installation Guideline-- Ch. 11 Splicing and Termination -
       - Ch. 12 Patch Cords and Connectors -- Ch. 13 Power Meter,
       Source and Return Loss Measurement -- Ch. 14 The OTDR and 
       OSA-- Ch. 15 Fiber Characterization (Loss, CD, PMD, ORL, 
       Latency)-- Ch. 16 Fiber Optic Installation Tests -- Ch. 17
       Lightwave Equipment -- Ch. 18 Wavelength Division 
       Multiplexers-- Ch. 19 Other Fiber Components-- Ch. 20 
       SONET/SDH-- Ch. 21 LAN-- Ch. 22 Fiber System Deployment-- 
       Ch. 23 Maintenance -- Ch. 24 Emergency Cable Repair -- Ch.
       25 Records -- Ch. 26 Troubleshooting -- Ch. 27 Design 
       Fundamentals -- Ch. 28 Personnel -- Ch. 29 Dark Fiber 
       LeasingAppendices[bullet] Glossary of Terms and 
       Acronyms[bullet] Units[bullet] Optical Fiber Color 
       Codes[bullet] Fiber Optic Records[bullet] Relevant 
       Standards and References[bullet] Transceiver Standards and
       Naming Convention[bullet] DWDM 100GHz and 50GHz Channel 
       SpacingIndex./ Includes bibliographical references and 
520 3  "A fully updated fiber optic cable installation 
       guideExtensively revised to cover the latest 
       technologiesand equipment, this portable tool shows you 
       how toplan, install, and maintain a robust fiber optic 
       networkto support today's high speed requirements. The 
       emphasis is on practical, efficient installation 
       techniques using current global industry standards. 
       Detailed diagrams and step-by-step procedures walk you 
       through the entire process. This completely up-to-date 
       edition is an essential on-the-job reference.Fiber Optic 
       Installer's Field Manual, Second Edition, covers: 
       Properties of light Optical fiber Fiber optic cables Fiber
       optic cable procurement Safety precautions Handling fiber 
       optic cable Outdoor fiber optic cable installation Indoor 
       cable installation Fiber optic cable general installation 
       guide Splicing and termination Patch cords and connectors 
       Optical fiber power loss and measurement The OTDR and OSA 
       Fiber optic installation tests Transceivers such as SFP 
       and XFP WDM and other passive optical equipment SONET/SDH 
       Ethernet over fiber Fiber system deployment Maintenance 
       Emergency cable repair Network documentation 
       Troubleshooting Design fundamentals Personnel Dark fiber 
       leasing Global standards reference tables ". 
530    Also issued in online version. 
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       viewed on May 21, 2015. 
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655  7 TECHNOLOGY & ENGINEERING / Fiber Optics. |2bisacsh 
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