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100 1  Xu, Yi-Chong. 
245 14 The governance of world trade :|binternational civil 
       servants and the GATT/WTO /|cXu Yi-chong, Patrick Weller. 
260    Cheltenham ;|aNorthampton, MA :|bEdward Elgar Pub.,|c2004.
300    x, 311 p. ;|c24 cm. 
500    Formerly CIP.|5Uk 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index. 
505 0  1. The Secretariat of the World Trade Organization : an 
       invisible power? -- 2. International civil servants -- 3. 
       Development of the multilateral trade system -- 4. The 
       Uruguay round -- 5. Negotiating trade in services -- 6. 
       Negotiating trade-related aspects of intellectual property
       rights -- 7. Negotiating the dispute settlement 
       understanding -- 8. Negotiating the functioning of the 
       GATT system -- 9. The World Trade Organization : the 
       Secretariat and its influence -- App. Structure of the 
       GATT and the WTO Secretariats. 
520 1  "The Governance of World Trade focuses on the roles, 
       influence and impacts of the so-called 'GATT operatives' 
       or WTO practitioners. It is widely assumed that they have 
       little influence on decisions and policies made, but, 
       according to the authors, the GATT/WTO Secretariat has 
       played an active role in promoting multilateral 
       cooperation.".|a"This study of the internal operation of 
       the GATT/WTO argues that the invisible yet indispensable 
       international civil servants are the permanent machinery 
       within the institution. They have, the authors ascertain, 
       an important coordinating function and act according to a 
       specific scale of values that transcend those of 
       individual states, providing the continuity and the cement,
       the credibility and the connection among self-interest-
       driven states. The book concludes that as one of the most 
       'democratic' international organizations, operating on the
       principle of consensus, the WTO needs a creative 
       Secretariat as a necessary condition for multilateral 
       cooperation to work.".|a"Using case studies to analyse the
       workings of Secretariat officials in trade negotiations, 
       and the influence and role of international civil servants,
       this book will be a fascinating read for a wide ranging 
       audience including: political scientists and economists, 
       international civil servants, think tanks, NGOs, and 
       Government agencies."--BOOK JACKET.ï. 
610 20 General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (Organization)
       |xOfficials and employees. 
610 20 World Trade Organization.|bSecretariat. 
650  0 International trade agencies. 
650  0 Foreign trade regulation. 
650  0 Corporate governance. 
650  0 International trade agencies|xOfficials and employees. 
700 1  Weller, Patrick Moray. 
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