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100 1  Harris, Daniel E. 
245 10 Spiritually and Developmentally Mature Leadership :
       |bTowards an Expanded Understanding of Leadership in the 
       21st Century /|cDaniel E. Harris, Lori Holyfield, Linda 
       Jones, Rhonda Ellis, Judi Neal. 
264  1 Cham :|bSpringer,|c2019. 
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490 1  Management, change, strategy and positive leadership 
504    Includes bibliographical references. 
505 0  Intro; Preface; Why Do We Need This Book?; References; 
       Acknowledgements; Contents; About the Authors; List of 
       Figures; List of Tables; 1 Introduction and Summary 
       of Themes; Background; Summary of Themes; Overview of This
       Book; References; 2 The Spiritually and Developmentally 
       Mature Leader; Description of a Spiritually 
       and Developmentally Mature Leader; Retreat Definitions 
       of Spiritually and Developmentally Mature Leaders; 
       References; 3 Literature Review: Spiritually 
       and Developmentally Mature Leadership; Andre Delbecq's 
       Work on Spiritually and Developmentally Mature Leadership 
505 8  Spiritual Formation of LeadersLeadership Formation 
       in Higher Education; Leadership Formation in Catholic 
       Health Care; Teaching Spirituality to MBAs and Silicon 
       Valley Executives; The Shadow Side of Leadership; 
       Developmental Models of Leadership; Leadership Traits 
       and Competencies; Styles of Leadership; A Leadership 
       Maturity Model; Executive Coaching Effectiveness Model; 
       Spiritual Leadership and Workplace Spirituality; Defining 
       Spirituality and Religion; Spiritually Mature 
       Organizations; Spirituality and Leadership: Insights 
       from the Psychology of Religion 
505 8  The Growing Interest in Spirituality and Religion Among 
       PsychologistsDefinitions of "Spirituality" 
       and "Religiousness"; Spirituality: A Trait 
       or an Expression of Related Traits?; Spirituality 
       and Spiritual Transcendence: How Do They Differ?; 
       Spiritual Transcendence-Is It Accessible to Everyone?; 
       Spirituality and Leadership; Piedmont's Measures 
       of Spiritual Transcendence and Religion/Religiousness; 
       Conclusion; References; 4 Research Methods; Research 
       Questions Addressed in the Retreat; Participants 
       and Demographics: Roles and Responsibilities; Structure 
       of the Retreat 
505 8  Grounded Theory/HeuristicNominal Group Technique; Sources 
       of Data; Analysis of Data; References; 5 Key 
       Characteristics of a Spiritually Mature Leader; Is 
       Committed to the Greater Good (Transcends Ego); Has 
       a Sense of Meaning and Purpose/Love; Has an Awareness 
       of Self and Others; A Trinity of Circles; Forum One NVivo 
       Results: Key Characteristics; Fadil Bayyari-
       An Illustration of the Qualities of a Spiritually 
       and Developmentally Mature Leader; Qualities 
       of a Spiritually and Developmentally Mature Leader; 
       Introduction; Life Before Northwest Arkansas; Northwest 
505 8  A Palestinian-Born Muslim Flourishes in Northwest 
       ArkansasCommitment to the Community; Legacy; Concluding 
       Comments; References; 6 Developmental Challenges 
       of Spiritually Mature Leadership and Potential Offsets; 
       Challenge of "Abuse or Misuse of Authority" Versus Offsets
       of "Higher Accountability, Authenticity, Transparency, 
       Humility, Environment of Trust and Shared Leadership"; 
       Challenge of "Staying in the Head" Versus Offsets 
       of "Bringing in the Heart (Cultivating an Inner Life, 
       a Spiritual Anchor in Order to Act with Empathy, 
       Compassion, and Authenticity)" 
650  0 Leadership|y21st century. 
655  0 Electronic books. 
655  4 Electronic books. 
700 1  Holyfield, Lori. 
700 1  Jones, Linda. 
700 1  Ellis, Rhonda. 
700 1  Neal, Judi. 
710 2  SpringerLink|eissuing body. 
830  0 Management, change, strategy and politive leadership. 
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