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110 2  Prague Institute for Qualification Enhancement.
       |bInternational Conference|n(2nd :|d2018 :|cPrague, Czech 
245 10 Sustainable leadership for entrepreneurs and academics :
       |b2018 Prague Institute for Qualification Enhancement 
       (PRIZK) International Conference "Entrepreneurial and 
       Sustainable Academic Leadership" (ESAL2018) /|cWadim 
       Strielkowski, editor. 
264  1 Cham, Switzerland :|bSpringer,|c2019. 
300    1 online resource (xii, 533 pages) :|billustrations (some 
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337    computer|bc|2rdamedia 
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490 1  Springer proceedings in business and economics,|x2198-7246
505 0  Intro; Contents; Introduction; Entrepreneurial and&
       #xA0;Sustainable Academic Leadership: An&
       #xA0;Introduction; 1 Introduction; 2 New Technologies for&
       #xA0;Entrepreneurial and Sustainable Leadership; 3 
       Commercialization of Science and Education; 4 
       Conclusions and Discussions; References; Leadership 
       as a Social, Psychological, and (Pop)Cultural Phenomenon; 
       Leadership in Social and Psychological 
       Characteristics of Group Interactions in&
       #xA0;Management; 1 Introduction; 2 Leadership and&
       #xA0;Management; 3 Psychological Impact; 4 Conclusions; 
       References; Segmentation of Consumers as a&
       #xA0;Leading Factor in Restaurant Marketing 
505 8  1 Introduction2 Research Methods; 3 Results and&
       #xA0;Discussion; 4 Conclusions; References; Transformation
       of Leadership Through Formation of the&
       #xA0;Sociocultural Clusters; 1 Introduction; 2 Philosophy 
       of Leadership in Classical European Philosophy; 
       3 Understanding the Role of the Leader in&
       #xA0;the Network Paradigm of Modern Culture; 4 
       Problems of Virtualization of Leaders in&
       #xA0;Social and Cultural Clusters; 5 Topos of&
       #xA0;Modern Leaders Formation; 6 Conclusions; References; 
       Leadership, Soft Power and Social Power; 1 
       Introduction: Coercion and Governance; 2 The Concept 
       of Force and Violence 
505 8  3 The Variety of Forms of Violence4 Violence and
        Justice; 5 Conclusions and Implications; 
       References; Ethnocultural Identity and Values of&
       #xA0;Leadership Among the Youth; 1 Introduction; 2 
       Ethnic Identity and Values of Leadership; 3 
       Empirical Study of Ethnic Identity and Values of
        Leadership; 4 Conclusions; References; Leadership 
       Phenomenon in the Modern Humanities: From the&
       #xA0;Utility to the Ideals; 1 Introduction; 2 
       Leading Importance of Culture; 3 Humanitarian 
       Knowledge: The Leader in Formation of Values of&
       #xA0;Life; 4 Conclusions; References; Leadership in&
       #xA0;the Era of High-Hume; 1 Introduction 
505 8  2 Phenomenon of High-Hume Technologies3 High 
       Education and Quantum Leadership; 4 Conclusions; 
       References; Development of Youth Motivation for&
       #xA0;Leadership and Participation in R&D 
       Activities; 1 Introduction; 2 Integrative Approach in&
       #xA0;the Field of Youth Motivation; 3 
       Motivational Model of Interaction; 4 Conclusions; 
       References; Personnel Development of Leadership 
       Capacity Management in Organizations; 1 Introduction;
       2 The Essence and Structure of Staff Development
       in Management; 3 Goals, Objectives and Stages of
        Personnel Development 
505 8  4 Traditional Methods of Personnel Training in&
       #xA0;the Personnel Development System5 Modern Methods
       of Personnel Development and Leadership 
       Potential; 6 Conclusions; References; Digital Marketing of
        Place Leadership; 1 Introduction; 2 Marketing Place 
       Leadership; 3 Digital Marketing Tools for Promotion 
       Place Attractiveness; 4 Digital Demand of the&
       #xA0;Largest Russian Cities; 5 Conclusions; References; 
       Leadership in Social Practice; Female Leadership: A&
       #xA0;Case of Neuropsychological Research in&
       #xA0;Colombia; 1 Introduction; 2 Mucopolysaccharidosis as&
       #xA0;a Field of Study 
650  0 Leadership|vCongresses. 
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655  4 Electronic books. 
700 1  Strielkowski, Wadim,|eeditor. 
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830  0 Springer proceedings in business and economics,|x2198-7246
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