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100 1  Manning, Susan. 
245 10 Fragments of union|h[electronic resource] ;|bMaking 
       connections in Scottish and American writing /|cSusan 
260    Basingstoke,|bPalgrave Macmillan,|c2001. 
300    352 p. 
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500    Epublication based on: 9780333760253, 2001. 
505 0  Frontispiece List of Illustrations Acknowledgements 
       Introduction: 'Join or Die' The Grammar of the Imagination
       Finding the Boundaries Composing a Self Savaged Texts and 
       Harmonising Sentiments Chains of Association Mapping the 
       Language: A Scottish-American Stylistics of Consciousness 
       Notes Index. 
516    Document 
520    |bFragments of Union, a new approach to comparative 
       literary studies, is about forms of connections: between 
       nations, literatures, individuals, words. It asks how, and
       why, connections get severed, and about the nature of the 
       pieces that remain. Interdisciplinary readings of writings
       by Scots and Americans re-draw the literary map of both 
       countries during the Enlightenment and Romantic periods. 
       Political, philosophical, cultural and grammatical 
       dimensions give its analysis sharp relevance to the new 
       conditions presented by devolved government in Britain. 
520 1  'Fragments of Union is an intricate, subtle, and 
       compelling study of nearly two centuries of literature 
       epistemological and political argument, and the 'grammar 
       of the imagination' that binds and separates these 
       different forms.  Her thesis is complex, ambitious and 
       tightly worked...Manning's command of her materials is 
       magisterial, but her manner recognises temporality and 
       contingency...this is a vivid and daring book. Fragments 
       of Union brilliantly combines scrupulous integration with 
       a trust in fractures and glimpses, and it is a major 
       contribution to interdisciplinary and transnational 
       scholarship.' -  Fiona Robertson, University of Durham, 
       Symbiosis Reviews  'In a short review it is impossible to 
       impart a sense of the breadth of Manning's study. Suffice 
       it to say that her marvellous close readings range widely.
       Fragments of Union is a work that leads, rather than 
       covers, its field.' - Robert Miles, Studies in Hogg and 
       his World  'This book is elegantly written, intellectually
       rigorous and full of nuance as it accomplishes the 
       difficult task of dealing with comparative national 
       literary identity in a thoroughly contemporary voice...The
       Scottish Enlightenment emerges refreshingly free of the 
       customary literary critical condemnation as conservative 
       and Anglocentric, and is instead seen as finely nuanced 
       and busily engaged with the imagination...Transcultural 
       trails are brilliantly pioneered in this book...In the 
       matter of comparative American- Scottish literary 
       relations [she] has set a new benchmark...' - Gerard 
       Carrthers, Eighteenth- Century Scotland  'Manning cleverly
       selects a rich seam of texts...Fragments of Union reads as
       a historical text linked by the writings that record 
       events which shaped the modern image of Scotland and 
       America. Manning displays a supreme understanding of 
       literature, language and politics, and through the 
       emphasis on fragments, she suggests that, even in matters 
       of the greatest moment, it's the little things that 
       count.' - Will Napier, The Herald  'This book is elegantly
       written, intellectually rigorous and full of nuance...' - 
       Geradrd Carrthers, Eighteenth-Century Scotland. 
538    PDF. 
545 0  SUSAN MANNING is Grierson Professor of English Literature 
       at the University of Edinburgh. She is the author of The 
       Puritan-Provincial Vision and has written many articles 
       and chapters on comparative topics. She is a Board Member 
       and Past President of the Eighteenth-Century Scottish 
       Studies Society and sits on the Editorial Boards of 
       several journals, including Anglo-American Symbiosis. 
650  0 Literature, Comparative|xScottish and American. 
650  0 Scottish literature|xAppreciation|zUnited States. 
650  0 Literature, Comparative|xAmerican and Scottish. 
650  0 English literature|xScottish authors. 
650  0 Scottish literature|xHistory and criticism. 
650  0 American literature|xScottish influences. 
650  0 American literature|xHistory and criticism. 
650  0 Scottish literature|xAmerican influences. 
651  0 Scotland|xRelations|zUnited States. 
651  0 United States|xRelations|zScotland. 
653    Literature, Comparative|aScottish and American|aScottish 
       influences|aAmerican and Scottish|aEnglish literature
       |aScottish authors|aScottish literature|aHistory and 
       criticism|aAmerican literature 
655  7 Literary studies: c 1500 to c 1800|xEnglish|yc 1700 to c 
655  7 Literature.|2eflch 
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