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110 2  Ecclesiastical History Society.|bSummer Meeting|0http://|d(2002 :|cExeter, 
245 10 Signs, wonders, miracles :|brepresentations of divine 
       power in the life of the Church ; papers read at the 2003 
       Summer Meeting and the 2004 Winter Meeting of the 
       Ecclesiastical History Society /|cedited by Kate Cooper, 
       Jeremy Gregory. 
264  1 Rochester, NY :|bPublished for the Ecclesiastical History 
       Society by the Boydell Press,|c2005. 
300    xix, 475 pages ;|c23 cm. 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    unmediated|bn|2rdamedia 
338    volume|bnc|2rdacarrier 
490 1  Studies in church history,|x0424-2084 ;|v41. 
500    ANALYTICS. 
504    Includes bibliographical references. 
505 00 |tIn hoc signo vinces : the original context of the vision
       of constantine /|rRichard Price --|tPlace of miracles in 
       the conversion of the ancient world to Christianity /|rW. 
       H. C. Frend --|tVentriloquism and the miraculous : 
       conversion, preaching, and the martyr exemplum in late 
       antiquity /|rKate Cooper --|tDiabolical power of lettuce, 
       or garden miracles in Gregory the great's dialogues /
       |rBarbara Muller --|tConstat ergo inter nos verba signa 
       esse : the understanding of the miraculous in Anglo-Saxon 
       society /|rAnna Maria Luiselli Fadda --|tMiracles, 
       missionaries and manuscripts in eighth-century southern 
       Germany /|rClare Pilsworth --|tMapping miracles in 
       Byzantine hagiography : the development of the legend of 
       St. Alexios /|rBarbara Crostini --|t'God wills it' : signs
       of divine approval in the crusade movement /|rBernard 
       Hamilton --|tStigmata on the first crusade /|rWilliam J. 
       Purkis --|tMonastic miracles in southern Italy, c.1040-
       1140 /|rG. A. Loud --|tMiracles, meaning and narrative in 
       the Latin east /|rYvonne Friedman. 
505 8  |tMirabilis Deus in sanctis suis : social history and 
       medieval miracles /|rMichael Goodich --|tSigns, wonders, 
       miracles : supporting the faith in medieval Rome 
       (presidential address) /|rBrenda Bolton --|tModernizing 
       St. Cuthbert : Reginald of Durham's miracle collection /
       |rSally Crumplin --|tMultos ex medicinae arte curaverat, 
       multos verbo et oratione : curing in medieval Portuguese 
       saints' lives /|rIona McCleery --|tMiraculous crucifxes in
       late medieval Italy /|rKatherine L. Jansen --|tBloody 
       miracles of a political martyr : the case of Thomas Earl 
       of Lancaster /|rDanna Piroyansky --|tMiracles and visions 
       in Devotio moderna biographies /|rMathilde van Dijk --|tA 
       volcanological Joachim of Fiore and an aerodynamic Francis
       of Assisi in colonial Latin America /|rJaime Lara --
       |tMiracles in post-reformation England /|rAlexandra 
505 8  |tThrough a Venice glass darkly : John Foxe's most famous 
       miracle /|rThomas S. Freeman --|tMiracles within 
       catastrophes : some examples from early modern Germany /
       |rHartmut Lehmann --|tLate seventeenth-century Qakerism 
       and the miraculous : a new look at George Fox's 'Book of 
       miracles' /|rRosemary Moore --|tReclaiming ghosts in 1690s
       England /|rSasha Handley --|tActs of God, acts of men : 
       providence in seventeenth- and eighteenth-century England 
       and France /|rFrancoise Deconinck-Brossard --|tSeeing 
       salvation : the place of dreams and visions in John 
       Wesley's Arminian Magazine /|rRobert Webster --|tMagic 
       methodists and their influence on the early primitive 
       Methodist movement /|rJohn W. B. Tomlinson. 
505 8  |tTrying the spirits : Irvingite signs and the test of 
       doctrine /|rTimothy C. F. Stunt --|t'Signs and wonders 
       that lie' : unlikely polemical outbursts against the early
       Pentecostal movement in Britain /|rTim Walsh --|tLiving 
       with signs and wonders : parents and children in early 
       Pentecostal culture /|rGrant Wacker --|tAngels in the 
       trenches : British soldiers and miracles in the First 
       World War /|rKatherine Finlay --|tMiracles, messiahs and 
       the media : the ministry of A.H. Dallimore in Auckland in 
       the 1930s /|rLaurie Guy --|tMiracles in the making of 
       twentieth-century Spanishness : Ramon Menendez Pidal, 
       Bunuel's Viridiana and Isidro el Labrador /|rAnthony 
520 1  "The signs, wonders, and miracles by which God was 
       believed to communicate with his people on earth provide 
       the focus for this wide-ranging volume. Beginning with a 
       reconsideration of Constantine's vision in 312 and ending 
       with a discussion of the place of miracles in the making 
       of twentieth-century Spanish identity, these essays 
       explore the manifestations of divine power in the 
       conversion of the ancient world to Christianity, in 
       medieval saints' lives and Byzantine hagiography, in the 
       Crusades, and in the early modern and modern periods."--
       BOOK JACKET. 
650  0 Miracles|0
650  0 Providence and government of God|0
650  0 Power (Christian theology)|0
700 1  Gregory, Jeremy.|0
700 1  Cooper, Kate,|d1960-|0
710 2  Ecclesiastical History Society.|bWinter Meeting|0http://|d(2004 :|cLondon, 
830  0 Studies in church history ;|0
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