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100 1  Giampietri, Luis.|0
245 10 41 seconds to freedom :|ban insider's account of the Lima 
       Hostage Crisis, 1996-97 /|cLuis Giampietri with Bill 
       Salisbury and Lorena Ausejo. 
246 3  Forty-one seconds to freedom. 
250    1st ed. 
264  1 New York :|bBallantine Books,|c2007. 
300    xvii, 202 pages 16 unnumbered pages of plates :
       |billustrations ;|c24 cm 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    unmediated|bn|2rdamedia 
338    volume|bnc|2rdacarrier 
505 00 |g1|tTakedown|g3 --|g2|tDead Dogs and Good Terrorists|g12 
       --|g3|tHoudinis|g22 --|g4|tCensus: "I Am Admiral 
       Giampietri of Callao"|g28 --|g5|tForeign Minister Calls 
       the President|g38 --|g6|tPapa Noel|g49 --|g7|tMerry 
       Christmas|g57 --|g8|tTara 72|g69 --|g9|tCumpas and 
       Companeros|g76 --|g10|tChavin de Huantar: The Tunnels|g88 
       --|g11|tOnly God Can make a Tree|g98 --|g12|t"La 
       Cucaracha" with a Salsa Beat|g106 --|g13|tEl Fronton: A 
       Peruvian Alcatraz|g116 --|g14|tPeople's Tribunal|g125 --
       |g15|tChavin de Huantar: The Tunnels Reuealed|g133 --|g16
       |tChavin de Huantar: Dress Rehearsal|g144 --|g17
       |tTightening Screw|g149 --|g18|t"The Pigs Are in the 
       Parlor!" "Mary Is Sick!"|g156 --|g19|tForty-one Seconds 
       from Terror to freedom|g166 --|g20|tRequiem for a Rescue
520 1  "On December 18, 1996, more than six hundred VIPs were 
       attending the birthday party of the Japanese ambassador to
       Peru at his elegant residence. Political figures, business
       leaders, and socialites mingled in a tented pavilion on 
       expansive grounds. Then, without warning, fourteen masked,
       heavily armed figures burst in." "Members of the Tupac 
       Amaru Revolutionary Movement (MRTA), a deadly Cuban-
       influenced band of insurgents, the terrorists demanded the
       release of four hundred of their comrades from prison - or
       they would kill all the hostages. The event inspired a 
       media frenzy - especially when Peru's president, Alberto 
       Fujimori, refused to negotiate." "What the public didn't 
       know was that Fujimori had immediately begun planning a 
       military assault and its success would depend on the help 
       of one particular party guest." "Luis Giampietri had been 
       a field commander of special operations forces that had 
       fought terrorists, including the MRTA. His quick 
       suppression of a prison mutiny by Shining Path 
       revolutionaries had made him a feared enemy. Now, 
       dismissed by his captors as a harmless retiree, he became 
       a crucial component of a complex commando rescue 
       operation." "41 Seconds to Freedom is Giampietri's inside 
       account of the unnerving ordeal and its resolution through
       heroism and sheer audacity. Here he tells how he used his 
       pager to reveal to the commandos outside the terrorists' 
       positions, habits, and tactics; how one young female 
       terrorist became infatuated with a Japanese hostage - with
       fateful consequences; how a Red Cross employee was 
       discovered to be in league with the MRTA; and how the 
       rescue took all of 41 seconds from start to finish." "But 
       Giampietri's story doesn't end when the crisis did. The 
       corruption inquiry after President Fujimori's subsequent 
       fall from power cast doubt on the entire operation, 
       painting liberators as executioners and making Giampietri 
       feel "forever a hostage.""--BOOK JACKET. 
600 10 Giampietri, Luis.|0
610 20 Movimiento Revolucionario Túpac Amaru.|0
650  0 Embassy takeovers|zPeru|0
650  0 Hostages|zPeru|0
651  0 Peru|0|xArmed
       |xSearch and rescue operations.|0
700 1  Salisbury, Bill.|0
700 1  Ausejo, Lorena,|d1962-|0
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