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100 1  Lancaster, Scott B.|0
245 10 Fair play /|cScott B. Lancaster ; [foreword by Bill 
246 0  |iSubtitle on cover:|aMaking organized sports a great 
       experience for your kids. 
250    Prentice Hall Press ed. 
264  1 New York :|bPrentice Hall Press,|c2002. 
300    xiv, 194 pages ;|c23 cm 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
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338    volume|bnc|2rdacarrier 
500    Includes index. 
505 00 |tForeword: On Fair Play|gxi --|tPrologue: Starting Over
       |g1 --|g1|tUnleash the Revolution: The Time for Change and
       Action in Youth Sports|g17 --|g2|tRegaining the Road: 
       Sports and the Journey Through Childhood|g29 --|g3
       |tBlueprint for Change: The NFL Junior Player Development 
       Model|g49 --|g4|tSports are for Kids: Eliminating Negative
       Coaching and Poor Parental Behavior|g73 --|g5|tEverybody 
       Plays: Produce a Democratic Experience and Eliminate 
       Prejudgments|g95 --|g6|tKeeping a Child's Interest: Proven
       Ways to Maintain Youth Involvement in Sports|g109 --|g7
       |tMaking Strides: Guaranteed Improvement for All--from 
       Beginners to "Naturals"|g127 --|g8|tWomen Wanted: Making 
       the Leap from the Stands to the Sidelines|g139 --|g9|tWhat
       Your Daughter Needs: Experts Discuss the Facts on Girls in
       Sports|g153 --|g10|tSkills for Life: Teaching Important 
       Lessons Beyond the Playing Field|g169 --|tEpilogue: Head 
       Start: A Vision for the Future|g183. 
520    From hypercompetitiveness to pressure to fear of violence 
       to sheer boredom, our kids have good reasons to quit youth
       sports -- and today they're quitting in record numbers. 
       Fortunately, there is a proven solution to this growing 
       problem. It's called Fair Play. 
520 80 For more than seven years, the Fair Play model has been 
       integral to the NFL's Youth Development program, used in 
       dozens of communities. And it has dramatically changed the
       way youth sports are taught and played across the country.
       Fair Play gives parents and coaches a blueprint for youth 
       sports where everybody plays and nobody quits. Its 
       revolutionary principles * eliminate the scoreboard * get 
       coaches off the sidelines * play boys and girls together *
       revoke the draft * and incorporate other changes to make 
       sports a healthier, more positive experience that builds 
       young athletes up instead of beating them down. It's an 
       important philosophy, an effective set of techniques, and 
       a new (or sometimes, old) way of playing the game, based 
       on a single guiding principle: It's for the kids. 
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650  0 Sportsmanship.|0
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