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100 1  Noonan, Norma C. 
245 10 Challenge and Change: Global Threats and the State in 
       Twenty-first Century International Politics. 
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       and Business Media :|bPalgrave Macmillan,|c2016. 
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505 0  Notes on Contributors and Editors; List of Figures and 
       Tables; Chapter 1: Introduction: A Century of Challenges; 
       The Structure of the Book; Notes; Part I: The Global 
       Context; Chapter 2: The End of the Western Age? The Twenty
       -First-­Century Challenges for the West; Introduction; 
       The Historical Context: Pre-World War II; The Historical 
       Context: 1945 to the Present; The USA Becomes a Major 
       Player in International Politics; The West and the World 
       in the Twenty-First Century; The "Givens": Opportunities 
       and Challenges in the World Today; NATO: A Keystone 
       of Foreign Policy 
505 8  Major Challenges for the WestAddressing the Challenges 
       and Opportunities in the Era of Global Disorder; The 
       Migrant Crisis; Conclusions; Postscript; Notes; Chapter 3:
       A Russian Perspective on Twenty-First-Century Challenges; 
       Definition of Some Basic Categories of States 
       in the Contemporary International System; Great Powers 
       of the Twenty-First Century: A New "Concert" or "Selective
       Engagement"?; Great Powers and Regional Subsystems; New 
       Geographical Spaces; What Lies Ahead?; Conclusions; 
       Postscript; Notes 
505 8  Chapter 4: Challenges to Interstate Security: China 
       and India in the Twenty-First CenturyStrategic Vision; 
       China; India; Tactical Policies; Eschewing Military 
       Alliances?; Enhancing Military Strength and Power-
       Projection Capabilities; Creating New Ground Realities; 
       Fighting Against Islamic Fundamentalism, Terrorism, 
       and Domestic Insurgencies; Engaging Selectively 
       with the Global Economy; Creating Alternative 
       International Economic Organizations; Forging the Least 
       Intrusive Deal on Climate Change; Promoting Soft Power; 
       Conclusion; Notes; Part II: Issues and Challenges 
505 8  Chapter 5: The Economic Dimensions 
       of GlobalizationIntroduction; Trends in International 
       Trade; Rebound from the Great Recession; Geographic 
       Structure of Trade; Emerging Markets in International 
       Trade; Trends in Foreign Direct Investment; Foreign 
       Investment after the Global Downturn; Inbound Foreign 
       Direct Investment; Outbound Foreign Direct Investment; 
       Foreign Direct Investment and Emerging Markets; Foreign 
       Direct Investment by Non-MNCs; Economic Vulnerabilities 
       of Emerging Markets; Global Economic Governance; Evolution
       of the World Trade Organization; Surge in Regional Trade 
505 8  Challenges to International Investment AgreementsEmerging 
       Markets and the "New Multilateralism"; Conclusions; 
       International Trade; Foreign Direct Investment; Global 
       Economic Governance; Prospects for the Twenty-First 
       Century; Notes; Chapter 6: Global Challenges in a Hyper 
       Connected World; Introduction; The Framework 
       for International Internet Coordination and Internet 
       Governance; Two Sets of Issues on the Global Internet 
       Agenda; Surveillance States: Child of the Cyber World; 
       Growth Path of Mass Surveillance in the USA, Great Britain
       , and France 
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