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100 1  Jacobs, Harriet A.|q(Harriet Ann),|d1813-1897.|0http:// 
245 10 Incidents in the life of a slave girl : written by herself
       /|cHarriet A. Jacobs ; edited by L. Maria Child. Now with 
       A true tale of slavery / by John S. Jacobs ; edited and 
       with an introduction by Jean Fagan Yellin. 
250    Enl. ed. 
264  1 Cambridge, Mass. :|bBelknap Press of Harvard University 
300    lxii, 433 pages :|billustrations, portrait ;|c21 cm. 
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490 1  The John Harvard Library. 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index. 
505 00 |tIncidents in the Life of a Slave Girl --|tPreface by the
       Author|g1 --|tIntroduction by the Editor|g3 --|gI
       |tChildhood|g5 --|gII|tNew Master and Mistress|g10 --|gIII
       |tSlaves' New Year's Day|g17 --|gIV|tSlave Who Dared to 
       Feel like a Man|g20 --|gV|tTrials of Girlhood|g33 --|gVI
       |tJealous Mistress|g38 --|gVII|tLover|g46 --|gVIII|tWhat 
       Slaves Are Taught to Think of the North|g54 --|gIX
       |tSketches of Neighboring Slaveholders|g58 --|gX|tA 
       Perilous Passage in the Slave Girl's Life|g68 --|gXI|tNew 
       Tie to Life|g75 --|gXII|tFear of Insurrection|g81 --|gXIII
       |tChurch and Slavery|g88 --|gXIV|tAnother Link to Life|g98
       --|gXV|tContinued Persecutions|g103 --|gXVI|tScenes at the
       Plantation|g111 --|gXVII|tFlight|g122 --|gXVIII|tMonths of
       Peril|g126 --|gXIX|tChildren Sold|g135 --|gXX|tNew Perils
       |g141 --|gXXI|tLoophole of Retreat|g146 --|gXXII
       |tChristmas Festivities|g151 --|gXXIII|tStill in Prison
       |g154 --|gXXIV|tCandidate for Congress|g159 --|gXXV
       |tCompetition in Cunning|g163 --|gXXVI|tImportant Era in 
       My Brother's Life|g169 --|gXXVII|tNew Destination for the 
       Children|g175 --|gXXVIII|tAunt Nancy|g183 --|gXXIX
       |tPreparations for Escape|g189 --|gXXX|tNorthward Bound
       |g200 --|gXXXI|tIncidents in Philadelphia|g204 --|gXXXII
       |tMeeting of Mother and Daughter|g210 --|gXXXIII|tA Home 
       Found|g215 --|gXXXIV|tOld Enemy Again|g219 --|gXXXV
       |tPrejudice against Color|g224 --|gXXXVI|tHairbreadth 
       Escape|g228 --|gXXXVII|tA Visit to England|g234 --
       |gXXXVIII|tRenewed Invitations to Go South|g238 --|gXXXIXe
       |tConfession|g241 --|gXL|tFugitive Slave Law|g244 --|gXLI
       |tFree at Last|g251 --|tAppendix|g261 --|tA True Tale of 
       Slavery --|gI|tSome Account of My Early Life|g265 --|gII
       |tA Further Account of My Family|g267 --|gIII|tMy Uncle's 
       Troubles|g271 --|gIV|tMy New Master's Plantation|g275 --
       |gV|tMy Master Goes to Washington|g27S --|gVI|tSensations 
       of Freedom|g282 --|gVII|tCruel Treatment of Slaves|g286. 
520 1  "This enlarged edition of the most significant and 
       celebrated slave narrative now completes the Jacobs family
       saga, surely one of the most memorable in all of American 
       history. John Jacobs's short slave narrative, A True Tale 
       of Slavery, published in London in 1861, adds a brother's 
       perspective to Harriet Jacobs's own autobiography. It is 
       an exciting addition to this now classic work, as John 
       Jacobs presents additional historical information about 
       family life so well described already by his sister. 
       Importantly, it presents the people, places, and events 
       Harriet Jacobs wrote about from the different perspective 
       of a male narrator. Once more, Jean Yellin, who discovered
       this long-lost document, supplies annotation and 
       authentication. She has also brought her Introduction up 
       to date."--BOOK JACKET. 
600 10 Jacobs, Harriet A.|q(Harriet Ann),|d1813-1897.|0http:// 
650  0 Slaves|zUnited States|vBiography.|0
650  0 Women slaves|zUnited States|vBiography.|0
650  0 Slaves|zUnited States|xSocial conditions.|0http:// 
700 1  Child, Lydia Maria,|d1802-1880.|0
700 1  Yellin, Jean Fagan.|0
700 12 Jacobs, John S.,|d1815-1875.|tTrue tale of slavery. 
830  0 John Harvard library.|0
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