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100 1  Bruhn, Siglind. 
245 10 Messiaen's explorations of love and death :|bmusico-poetic
       signification in the Tristan trilogy and three related 
       song cycles /|cby Siglind Bruhn. 
260    Hillsdale, NY :|bPendragon Press,|cc2008. 
300    288 p. :|bill. ;|c24 cm. 
490 0  Dimension & diversity : studies in 20th-century music ;
       |vno. 8 
500    Also available on the Internet 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index. 
505 0  Pt. I. Languages and Metaphors of Love -- The Ambiguities 
       of Desire -- Languages of Devotion, Magic, and Awe -- Pt. 
       II. God Present in All Things -- Poemes pour Mi -- Chants 
       de terre et de ciel -- Trois petites Liturgies de la 
       presence divine -- Pt. III. Fated Love, a Demanding Path 
       Toward God -- Harawi: chant d'amour et de mort -- 
       Turangalila Symphony -- Cinq Rechants -- Appendix. Myths, 
       Stories, and Poems Featured in the "Tristan Trilogy" -- I.
       Tristan and Isolde -- II. Other Mythic Tales of Love, Fate,
       and Death -- III. Inhuman Horrors and the Fateful Female -
       - IV. The Generous and Welcoming Lover. 
520 1  "Olivier Messiaen's lifelong quest centered on the 
       "colors" and rhythms of a music that would serve as a 
       vehicle for his thoughts about time, his love of God, and 
       his enthusiasm for birdsong. An additional topic about 
       which he felt deeply is that of passionate, fated human 
       love and its relationship to death on the one hand, the 
       love of God on the other. During the years 1936-1948, he 
       composed five cycles of vocal music to his own texts as 
       well as the Turangalila Symphony, the monumental 
       centerpiece of his "Tristan Trilogy." The focus of this 
       study is the in-depth analysis and interpretation of these
       six works on love, with particular regard for their 
       unusual wealth of poetic, sonic, and visual colors and 
       imagery. The wonder of rainbows, the magic of exotic 
       sounds, the fantasy of Surrealist representations, and the
       majestic inexorability of fate in myths of various times 
       and cultures define Messiaen's lyrics as much as his 
       idiosyncratic, highly symbolic musical language, which 
       never fails to build bridges between this and another 
       world."--BOOK JACKET. 
600 10 Messiaen, Olivier,|d1908-1992|xCriticism and 
650  0 Music|y20th century|xHistory and criticism. 
650  0 Tristan (Legendary character)|xSongs and music|xHistory 
       and criticism. 
650  0 Love in music. 
650  0 Death in music. 
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