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245 00 Women, violence and war :|bwartime victimization of 
       refugees in the Balkans /|cedited by Vesna Nikolić-
263    9909. 
264  1 Budapest :|bCentral European University Press ;|aPlymouth 
300    300 pages ;|c23 cm 
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505 00 |gChapter 1|tA brief history of the state of Bosnia-
       Herzegovina (from its origins to the 1995 Dayton peace 
       accords) / |rNatasa Mrvic-Petrovic|g7 --|gChapter 2
       |tDefinitions of violence in war and the experience of 
       women: the subject of research / |rVesna Nikolic-
       Ristanovic|g21 --|gChapter 3|tMethod and the sample--a 
       contribution to the feminist critique of methodology / 
       |rVesna Nikolic-Ristanovic, Ivana Stevanovic|g35 --
       |gChapter 4|tSexual violence / |rVesna Nikolic-Ristanovic
       |g41 --|gChapter 5|tHague Tribunal and rape in the former 
       Yugoslavia / |rVesna Nikolic-Ristanovic|g79 --|gChapter 6
       |tPhysical abuse and homicide / |rVesna Nikolic-Ristanovic
       |g85 --|gChapter 7|tPsychological violence and fear in war,
       and their consequences for the psychological health of 
       women / |rSlobodanka Konstantinovic-Vilic|g99 --|gChapter 
       8|tSeparation and dissolution of the family / |rNatasa 
       Mrvic-Petrovic|g135 --|gChapter 9|tLife in refuge--changes
       in socioeconomic and familial status / |rNatasa Mrvic-
       Petrovic, Ivana Stevanovic|g151 --|gChapter 10|tSocial 
       acceptance and the difficulty of adapting to a new 
       environment / |rNatasa Mrvic-Petrovic|g171 --|gChapter 11
       |tStrategies of support and help / |rSlobodanka 
       Konstantinovic-Vilic|g187 --|gAppendix 1.|tWho are the 
       women who have spoken?|g199 --|gAppendix 2.|tA sample of 
       their stories and letters|g207. 
520    Women, Violence and War is a book about war as it is seen,
       lived and interpreted by women, based on interviews with 
       seventy women refugees. Written by citizens of the former 
       Yugoslavia who understand and appreciate the circumstances
       of the victims, it is a probing accurate and unique 
       investigation of victimization. 
520 80 Many of the accounts portray the horrific experiences the 
       victims had to face and the book addresses issues of 
       sexual, physical and psychological violence, as well as 
       problems of confinement, upheaval and family separation. 
       In a completely new insight the book dispels the myth that
       many of the women were peasants, and shows that in fact 
       they were educated, middle-class women with independent 
       careers. The study also depicts how some of the victims 
       attempt to come to terms with the aftermath of wartime 
520 80 Women, Violence and War is an unparalleled volume that 
       also presents a completely new perspective maintaining 
       that violence against women in war is not independent of 
       peace-time victimization and the imbalance of power 
       between sexes. 
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