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245 00 Assessing the value of U.S. Army international activities 
       /|cJefferson P. Marquis [and others]. 
246 3  Assessing the value of United States Army international 
260    Santa Monica, CA :|bRAND,|c2006. 
300    1 online resource (xxx, 142 pages) :|billustrations, map. 
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490 1  Rand Corporation monograph series 
500    "RAND Arroyo Center." 
500    "This report was ... conducted in RAND Arroyo Center's 
       Strategy, Doctrine, and Resources Program"--Preface. 
504    Includes bibliographical references (pages 139-142). 
505 0  Introduction -- Measuring the performance of government 
       programs -- AIA ends and ways -- Linking ways to ends -- 
       Army international activities knowledge sharing system -- 
       AIA test cases -- Concluding observations -- Appendix: AIA
       performance indicators. 
520    A number of important steps have been taken in recent 
       years to improve the planning and management of Army 
       International Activities (AIA). Still, a need remains, and
       is widely recognized, for a high-level assessment 
       mechanism to allocate AIA resources more efficiently, 
       execute AIA programs more effectively, and highlight the 
       contributions of AIA to the National Military Strategy, 
       the DoD Security Cooperation Guidance, and The Army Plan. 
       This report presents a framework for assessing the value 
       of the Army's non-combat interactions with other 
       militaries. It provides an overview of AIA programs and 
       establishes their connection to the U.S. government's 
       current strategy for security cooperation. It also 
       provides a matrix of eight AIA "ends," derived from top-
       level national and Army guidance, and eight AIA "ways," 
       which summarize the various capabilities inherent in AIA 
       programs. Next, the report presents a method for linking 
       AIA "ends" and "ways" that involves a theoretical 
       rationale for security cooperation, selection criteria for
       AIA "output" and "outcome" indicators, and related 
       measures of performance and effectiveness. The report also
       describes the new online AIA Knowledge Sharing System 
       (AIAKSS) that is being used to solicit programmatic and 
       assessment data from AIA officials in the Army's Major 
       Commands. In addition, the report includes the results of 
       three test cases-involving the Army Medical Department, 
       the National Guard Bureau, and U.S. Army South-that helped
       to identify potential problems in evaluating AIA and to 
       suggest improvements in the proposed AIA assessment 
       mechanism. Finally, the report contains an extensive list 
       of "output" and "outcome" indicators that have been 
       reviewed by AIA officials throughout the Army. 
536    Army.|bDASW01-01-C-0003.|dAR200 3304.|dAR200 1007.|dAR400 
546    English. 
580    Supersedes RAND/DRR-3219-A. 
610 10 United States.|bArmy|xForeign service. 
610 10 United States.|bArmy. 
650  0 Military policy|xInternational cooperation. 
650  0 Military assistance, American. 
650  0 Security, International. 
650  0 Military art and science|xInternational cooperation. 
651  0 United States|xMilitary relations|zForeign countries. 
655  0 Electronic book. 
655  4 Electronic books. 
655  7 Electronic books.|2lcgft 
700 1  Marquis, Jefferson. 
700 1  Darilek, Richard E. 
700 1  Castillo, Jasen. 
700 1  Thurston, Cathryn. 
700 1  Wong, Anny,|d1968- 
700 1  Huger, Cynthia. 
700 1  Mejia, Andrea. 
700 1  Moroney, Jennifer D. P.,|d1973- 
700 1  Nichiporuk, Brian,|d1966- 
700 1  Steele, Brett. 
710 2  Arroyo Center.|bStrategy, Doctrine, and Resources Program.
710 2  Rand Corporation. 
710 2  JSTOR|eissuing body. 
776 08 |iPrint version:|tAssessing the value of U.S. Army 
       international activities.|dSanta Monica, CA : RAND Arroyo 
       Center, 2006|z0833038036|w(DLC)  2005009262
787 1  |rRAND/DRR-3219-A 
830  0 Rand Corporation monograph series. 
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