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100 1  Ghaemi, S. Nassir. 
245 12 A first-rate madness :|buncovering the links between 
       leadership and mental illness /|cNassir Ghaemi. 
260    New York :|bPenguin Press,|c2011. 
300    340 p. ;|c25 cm. 
504    Includes bibliographical references (p. 319-328) and 
505 0  The inverse law of sanity -- Creativity. Make them fear 
       and dread us: Sherman ; Work like hell, and advertise: 
       Turner -- Realism. Heads I win, tails it's chance ; Out of
       the wilderness: Churchill ; Both read the same Bible: 
       Lincoln -- Empathy. Mirror neuron on the wall ; The woes 
       of Mahatmas: Gandhi ; Psychiatry for the American soul: 
       King -- Resilience. Stronger ; A first-rate temperament: 
       Roosevelt ; Sickness in Camelot: Kennedy -- Treatment. A 
       spectacular psychochemical succcess: Kennedy revisited ; 
       Hitler amok -- Mental Health. Homoclite leaders: Bush, 
       Blair, Nixon, and others ; Stigma and politics. 
520    "A First-Rate Madness" shows how mania inspired General 
       Sherman and Ted Turner to design and execute their most 
       creative-and successful-strategies. Ghaemi's thesis is 
       both robust and expansive; he even explains why eminently 
       sane men like Neville Chamberlain and George W. Bush made 
       such poor leaders. Though sane people are better shepherds
       in good times, sanity can be a severe liability in moments
       of crisis. A lifetime without the cyclical torment of mood
       disorders, Ghaemi explains, can leave one ill equipped to 
       endure dire straits. He also clarifies which kinds of 
       insanity-like psychosis-make for despotism and ineptitude,
       sometimes on a grand scale. Ghaemi's bold, authoritative 
       analysis offers powerful new tools for determining who 
       should lead us. But perhaps most profoundly, he encourages
       us to rethink our view of mental illness as a purely 
       negative phenomenon. As "A First-Rate Madness" makes clear,
       the most common types of insanity can confer vital 
       benefits on individuals and society at large-however high 
       the price for those who endure these illnesses"--Provided 
       by publisher. 
520    An investigation into the surprisingly deep correlation 
       between mental illness and successful leadership, as seen 
       through some of history's greatest politicians, generals, 
       and businesspeople. "A First-Rate Madness," Nassir Ghaemi,
       who runs the Mood Disorders Program at Tufts University 
       Medical Center, draws from the careers and personal 
       plights of such notable leaders as Lincoln, Churchill, 
       Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., JFK, and others from the 
       past two centuries to build an argument at once 
       controversial and compelling: the very qualities that mark
       those with mood disorders- realism, empathy, resilience, 
       and creativity-also make for the best leaders in times of 
       crisis. By combining astute analysis of the historical 
       evidence with the latest psychiatric research, Ghaemi 
       demonstrates how these qualities have produced brilliant 
       leadership under the toughest circumstances. Take realism,
       for instance: study after study has shown that those 
       suffering depression are better than "normal" people at 
       assessing current threats and predicting future outcomes. 
       Looking at Lincoln and Churchill among others, Ghaemi 
       shows how depressive realism helped these men tackle 
       challenges both personal and national. Or consider 
       creativity, a quality psychiatrists have studied 
       extensively in relation to bipolar disorder. 
650  0 Depressed persons|xPsychology. 
650  0 Depression, Mental. 
650  0 Leadership|xPsychological aspects. 
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