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008    020715t20032003nyu      b    001 0deng   
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020    0820462365|q(alk. paper) 
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050 00 BM755.A25|bB67 2003 
082 00 296.3/092|221 
100 1  Borodowski, Alfredo Fabio,|d1964-|0
245 10 Isaac Abravanel on miracles, creation, prophecy, and evil 
       :|bthe tension between medieval Jewish philosophy and 
       biblical commentary /|cAlfredo Fabio Borodowski. 
264  1 New York :|bP. Lang,|c[2003] 
264  4 |c©2003 
300    xvi, 241 pages ;|c23 cm. 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    unmediated|bn|2rdamedia 
338    volume|bnc|2rdacarrier 
490 1  Studies in biblical literature ;|vv. 53. 
504    Includes bibliographical references (pages [219]-233) and 
505 00 |tCyclical Character of Abravanel's Political and 
       Intellectual Life|g2 --|tAbravanel's Cultural Milieu|g9 --
       |tAbravanel's Impact Upon Jewish Scholarship|g16 --
       |tAbravanel as a Philosopher-Exegete|g22 --|tRelevance of 
       the Supernatural as a Case Study|g24 --|g1|tConcept of a 
       Miracle: The Possible and the Impossible|g29 --|tConcept 
       of Possible and Impossible in Medieval Jewish Philosophy
       |g31 --|tPossible and Impossible in Abravanel's 
       Philosophical System|g39 --|tConclusions: The Unifying 
       Principles of Omnipotence|g47 --|tPossible Cases of the 
       Impossible|g48 --|tCreation as the Archetypal Miracle|g53 
       --|tNaturalistic and Anti-Naturalistic Doctrines of 
       Creation and Miracles|g54 --|tRelative Nature of Induction
       |g57 --|tMiracles and Causality: The Muslim Connection|g60
       --|tInduction and a Miraculous Exception|g70 --
       |tImpossible Nature of Inference|g73 --|tPossible Nature 
       of Possibility: The Possible as Active, Independent and 
       Imaginary|g75 --|tSummary and Conclusions: Possibility as 
       an Equivocal Term|g77 --|g2|tMiracles and the Possibility 
       of Ex-Nihilo Creation|g79 --|tAbravanel: Miracles as 
       Unnatural Irruptions|g80 --|tGersonides: Miracles as a 
       Natural Anomaly|g81 --|tAbravanel's Rejection of 
       Gersonides' Severance of Miracles and Creation|g85 --
       |tDoes Gersonides Believe in Miracles?|g86 --|g3|tMiracles
       and the Divine Will: A Philosophical Midrash|g92 --
       |tProblem: The Difficult Interplay of Divine Attributes
       |g92 --|tCase of Creation, Miracles and Divine Will|g94 --
       |tMaimonidean Solution: "To Will and not to Will," That is
       the Question|g96 --|tGersonides and the Optimistic View of
       the Intellect|g99 --|tGersonides' "Miraculous" Solution
       |g100 --|tMiracles, Divine Will, and a Midrashic 
       Discrepancy|g102 --|tAbravanel's Rejection of the Fixed 
       Nature of Miracles|g106 --|tAbravanel's Interpretation: A 
       Transference from Nature to the Divine Mind|g114 --
       |tProblem of the Twilight Exceptions|g116 --|tIs There a 
       Real Difference Between Gersonides' and Abravanel's 
       Positions?|g122 --|g4|tMiracles and Free Will|g126 --|g5
       |tAgency|g135 --|tCommon Ground: The Undisputed Agency
       |g135 --|tDispute over the Identity of the Agent|g136 --
       |tFundamental Disagreement: The Intervention of the Agent 
       Intellect|g141 --|tAgent Intellect and the Problem of 
       Immediate and Remote Causality|g145 --|tSystemic Origin of
       Abravanel's and Gersonides' Disagreement Concerning Agency
       |g152 --|g6|tControversy over the Purpose of Miracles|g154
       --|tTeleological Theories and the Origin of Evil|g154 --
       |tTeleology and the Theological Dimension of Evil|g160 --
       |tDoes Gersonides, as Abravanel Maintains, Really Reject 
       the Punitive Character of Miracles?|g166 --|g7|tProphecy 
       and Miracles|g169 --|tThird Alternative: Prophecy and the 
       Agency of Miracles|g169 --|tDisagreement: The Extent of 
       Prophetic Intervention|g174 --|tNature of Mosaic Prophecy:
       A Philosophical-Theological Midrash|g176 --|tAbravanel on 
       Mosaic Prophecy|g181 --|tAbravanel's Rejection of 
       Gersonides' Interpretation|g181 --|tAbravanel's 
       Preservation of Moses' Superiority|g187 --|tNature of 
       Mosaic Prophecy|g190 --|tMosaic Prophecy in Light of 
       Deuteronomy|g191 --|tA Strange Abravanelian Interpretation
       of Moses' Miracles|g197 --|tA Solution: The Coexistence of
       Prophetic and Miraculous Superiority|g205 --|g8|tFinal 
       Words: The Dynamics of Scripture and Philosophy|g210 --
       |tAbravanel as a Philosopher-Exegete|g213. 
600 10 Abravanel, Isaac,|d1437-1508.|0
650  0 Miracles in rabbinical literature.|0
650  0 Prophecy|xJudaism.|0
650  0 Jewish philosophy.|0
650  0 Philosophy, Medieval.|0
650  0 Miracles.|0
650  0 Prophecy.|0
830  0 Studies in biblical literature ;|0
       authorities/names/n96077867|vv. 53. 
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990    Uploaded June 2003 BE 
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