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008    021007s2003    nyu           000 0 eng   
010    2002038715 
020    0151008426 
035    .b28112179 
040    DLC|beng|cDLC|dDLC|dVU 
050 00 PS3569.I4725|bV6 2003 
082 00 811/.54|221 
100 1  Simic, Charles,|d1938-|0
245 14 The voice at 3 a.m. :|bselected late and new poems /
       |cCharles Simic. 
246 3  Voice at three a.m. 
264  1 New York :|bHarcourt,|c2003. 
300    177 pages ;|c22 cm 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    unmediated|bn|2rdamedia 
338    volume|bnc|2rdacarrier 
505 00 |tFrom Unending Blues, 1986 --|tDecember|g3 --|tEarly 
       Evening Algebra|g4 --|tToward Nightfall|g5 --|tWilliam and
       Cynthia|g8 --|tAt the Night Court|g9 --|tFirst Frost|g10 -
       -|tFor the Sake of Amelia|g11 --|tOctober Arriving|g13 --
       |tAgainst Whatever It Is That's Encroaching|g14 --
       |tPromises of Leniency and Forgiveness|g15 --|tFrom The 
       Book of Gods and Devils, 1990 --|tLittle Pins of Memory
       |g19 --|tSt. Thomas Aquinas|g20 --|tA Letter|g22 --
       |tFactory|g23 --|tShelley|g24 --|tBetrothal|g27 --|tDevils
       |g28 --|tEvening Talk|g30 --|tWhite Room|g31 --
       |tFrightening Toys|g33 --|tBig War|g34 --|tDeath, the 
       Philosopher|g35 --|tAt the Corner|g36 --|tA Word|g37 --
       |tPieces of the Clock Lie Scattered|g38 --|tImmortal|g39 -
       -|tGods|g41 --|tTwo Dogs|g42 --|tCabbage|g43 --|tParadise
       |g44 --|tIn the Library|g45 --|tScarecrow|g46 --|tWindy 
       Evening|g47 --|tFrom Hotel Insomnia, 1992 --|tEvening 
       Chess|g51 --|tCity|g52 --|tPenal Architecture|g53 --
       |tProdigal|g54 --|tHotel Insomnia|g55 --|tTiger|g56 --
       |tClouds Gathering|g58 --|tFolk Songs|g59 --|tA Book Full 
       of Pictures|g60 --|tEvening Walk|g61 --|tHotel Starry Sky
       |g62 --|tTo Think Clearly|g63 --|tChair|g64 --|tLost Glove
       |g65 --|tRomantic Sonnet|g66 --|tBeauty|g67 --|tMy Quarrel
       with the Infinite|g68 --|tOld World|g69 --|tCountry Fair
       |g70 --|tFrom A Wedding in Hell, 1994 --|tSinister Company
       |g73 --|tDream Avenue|g74 --|tParadise Motel|g75 --
       |tClocks of the Dead|g76 --|tExplaining a Few Things|g77 -
       -|tRomantic Landscape|g78 --|tLeaves|g79 --|tTransport|g80
       --|tCrazy About Her Shrimp|g81 --|tReading History|g82 --
       |tEmpires|g84 --|tTower|g85 --|tShaving|g86 --|tMystics
       |g87 --|tVia del Tritone|g88 --|tSecret|g89 --|tFrom 
       Walking the Black Cat, 1996 --|tMirrors at 4 A.M.|g93 --
       |tRelaxing in a Madhouse|g94 --|tLate Call|g95 --|tEmily's
       Theme|g96 --|tCameo Appearance|g97 --|tWhat the Gypsies 
       Told My Grandmother While She Was Still a Young Girl|g98 -
       -|tCharm School|g99 --|tOctober Light|g100 --|tGhosts|g101
       --|tAt the Cookout|g103 --|tClub Midnight|g105 --|tBlood 
       Orange|g106 --|tPastoral Harpsichord|g107 --|tFriends of 
       Heraclitus|g108 --|tFrom Jackstraws, 1999 --|tVoice at 3:
       00 A.M.|g113 --|tSpeck-Sized Screaming Head|g114 --|tSoul 
       Has Many Brides|g115 --|tEl libro de la sexualidad|g116 --
       |tMummy's Curse|g117 --|tPrison Guards Silhouetted Against
       the Sky|g118 --|tSchool for Visionaries|g119 --|tMidsummer
       Feast|g120 --|tObscurely Occupied|g121 --|tOn the Meadow
       |g122 --|tTalking to the Ceiling|g123 --|tDe Occulta 
       Philosophia|g131 --|tMystic Life|g133 --|tAmbiguity's 
       Wedding|g137 --|tHead of a Doll|g138 --|tFrom Night Picnic,
       2001 --|tPast-Lives Therapy|g141 --|tUnmade Beds|g142 --
       |tStreet of Jewelers|g143 --|tOne to Worry About|g144 --
       |tCherry Blossom Time|g145 --|tSunday Papers|g146 --|tAnd 
       Then I Think|g147 --|tAltar|g148 --|tMy Father Attributed 
       Immortality to Waiters|g149 --|tViews From a Train|g150 --
       |tNight Picnic|g151 --|tCar Graveyard|g152 --|tWooden 
       Church|g153 --|tLives of the Alchemists|g154 --|tNew Poems
       --|tNearest Nameless|g157 --|tEmpty Barbershop|g158 --|tIn
       the Street|g159 --|tGrayheaded Schoolchildren|g160 --
       |tServing Time|g161 --|tPostcard from S.|g162 --|tLittle 
       Night Music|g163 --|tDriving These Roads|g164 --|tMuseum 
       Opens at Midnight|g165 --|tParty Fiend|g167 --|tPrompter
       |g168 --|tAutumn Sky|g169 --|tSomething Large Is in the 
       Woods|g170 --|tTo the One Tunneling|g171 --|tSeparate 
       Truths|g172 --|tSecret Doctrine|g173 --|tHearse|g174 --
       |tCafe Don Quixote|g176 --|tLate September|g177. 
520    Charles Simic has been widely celebrated for his brilliant
       poetic imagery; his social, political, and moral 
       alertness; his uncanny ability to make the ordinary 
       extraordinary; and not least, a sardonic humor all his 
       own. Gathering much of his material from the seemingly 
       mundane minutia of contemporary American culture, Simic 
       matches meditations on spiritual concerns and the weight 
       of history with a nimble wit, shifting effortlessly to 
       moments of clear vision and intense poetic revelation. The
       poems in this collection -- spanning two decades of his 
       work -- present a rich and varied survey of a remarkable 
       lyrical journey. 
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990    MARCIVE MELB 201906 
990    Uploaded June 2003 BE 
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