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003    VaAlASP 
005    20100601000322.0 
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007    cr||na---||a|a 
007    sz z|nnnnnzned 
008    971230t19941994au ||n||o|||||||||n|eng|d 
019    ASP74238/amso 
033 2  1933----|a1952----|b4104|cA9 
033 2  1933----|a1952----|b4104|cC6 
035    (OCoLC)697957268 
035    .b5399565x 
040    VaAlASP|beng|cVaAlASP 
043    n-us--- 
100 1  Davis, Walter,|d1912-1963.|0
245 10 Walter Davis :|bcomplete recorded works 1933-1952 in 
       chronological order /|c[compiled and produced by Johnny 
246 30 Complete recorded works 1933-1952 in chronological order. 
264  1 Vienna, Austria :|bDocument,|c[1994] 
264  4 |c℗1994 
300    1 online resource 
336    unspecified|bzzz|2rdacontent 
337    computer|bc|2rdamedia 
338    online resource|bcr|2rdacarrier 
500    Blues. 
500    Document: DOCD-5281--5287. 
500    Originally issued as compact discs. 
500    Program notes from original containers. 
505 00 |gv. 1 --|tRed Cross Blues --|tL & N Blues --|tMoonlight 
       Blues --|tLife Boat Blues --|tNight Creepin' --|tEvil 
       Woman --|tYou Don't Smell Right --|tAll Worn Out --|tOil 
       Field Blues --|tWhat's The Use Of Worrying? --|tStormy 
       Weather Blues - Part 1 --|tStormy Weather Blues - Part 2 -
       -|tWhat You Got On Your Mind? --|tPoor Grinder Blues --
       |tRed Cross Blues Part 2 --|tSloppy Drunk Again --
       |tTravelin' This Lonesome Road --|tSad And Lonesome Blues 
       --|tMinute Man Blues - Part 1 --|tMinute Man Blues - Part 
       2 --|tSweet Sixteen --|tWonder Where My Baby's Gone --
       |tLay Around On Your D B A --|tDentist Blues --|tRoot Man 
505 00 |gv. 2 --|tPearly May --|tWhat Have I Done Wrong? --|tI 
       Can Tell By The Way You Smell --|tSanta Claus --
       |tMoonlight Is My Spread --|tDon't The Clouds Look 
       Lonesome? --|tKaty Blues --|tAshes In My Whiskey --|tBlues
       At Midnight --|tCan't Get Along With You --|tJust 
       Wondering --|tFallin' Rain --|tWell Diggin' Papa --
       |tCarpenter Man --|tJacksonville - Part 1 --|tJacksonville
       - Part 2 --|tThink You Need A Shot (The Needle) --|tAngel 
       Child --|tFifth Avenue --|tI Ain't Got Changing Clothes --
       |tWest Coast Blues --|tShady Lane --|tWhat Else Can I Do? 
       --|tNightmare Blues. 
505 00 |gv. 3 --|tGood Gal --|tHoliday Blues --|tStreamline Woman
       --|tBig Jack Engine Blues --|tGuiding Rod --|tTalk's All 
       Over Town --|tMy Babe --|tIf You Ever Get Lonesome --|tI 
       Did Everything I Could --|tWhen Nights Are Lonesome --
       |tMillion Dollar Baby --|tCandy Man --|tIf You Only 
       Understand (Pet Cream Blues) --|tI Hear My Baby Crying --
       |tWalking The Avenue --|tEasy Goin' Mama --|tFriendless --
       |tAngel Child - Part 2 --|t13 Highway --|tHomesick --|tIf 
       You Treat Me Right --|tWhat Is Wrong With You --|tLove 
       Will Kill You. 
505 00 |gv. 4 --|tJust Tell Me Your Trouble --|tCall Me Anytime -
       -|tI Like The Way You Spread Your Wings --|tCuttin' Off My
       Days --|tYou Don't Know Right From Wrong --|tBad Luck And 
       Trouble --|tSmoky Mountain --|tYour Time Is Comin' --
       |tEverything Is O.K. --|tTroubled And Weary --|tEarly This
       Mornin' --|tMercy Blues --|tCorrine --|tNew Orleans --
       |tBig Four Blues --|tAirplane Blues --|tLet Me Play In 
       Your Saddle --|tGreen And Lucky --|tI Love You More And 
       More --|tBachelor Blues --|tJust Another Day --|tFroggy 
       Bottom --|tDown And Out. 
505 00 |gv. 5 --|tDoctor Blues --|tSundown Blues --|tCotton Farm 
       Blues --|tNothing But You --|tJungle Blues --|tCall Your 
       Name --|tWestern Land --|tJust Want To Think --|tCotton 
       Club Blues --|tGood Time Woman --|tIf I Get Lucky --
       |tDeath Of Bessie Smith --|tWrapped Up In Bad Luck --
       |tCozy Corner Blues --|tSave It All For Me --|tCome Back 
       Baby --|tNo Place To Go --|tIf It Hadn't Been For You --
       |tWay I Love You --|tFour Feet Eleven --|tHello Blues --
       |tCan't See Your Face --|tDrop Me A Line Or Two --|tJust 
505 00 |gv. 6 --|tPlease Don't Mistreat Me --|tFriends Must Part 
       --|tWhy Should I Be Blue? --|tOnly Woman --|tI Hate To Say
       Goodbye --|tI'll Be Back After While --|tNew "Santa Claus"
       --|tNew "Come Back Baby" --|tYou Keep On Crying --|tSoon 
       Forgotten --|tI Just Can't Remember --|tEver Since You 
       Been Gone --|tAll My Money Gone --|tDon't You Want To Go? 
       --|tOne Sweet Letter From You --|tTeasin' Brown Skin --
       |tJust Want To Talk Awhile --|tHello Blues (070452) --
       |tGoodbye --|tI Feel All Right --|tHello Baby --|tFrisco 
       Blues --|tBiddle Street Blues --|tMy Friends Don't Know 
505 00 |gv. 7 --|tNew B & O Blues --|tWhen You Need My Help --
       |tPlease Remember Me --|tThings Ain't What They Used To Be
       --|tOh! Me! Oh! My! Blues --|tJust One More Time --|tIt's 
       Been So Long --|tMove Back To The Woods --|tYou've Got To 
       Reap What You Sow --|tWonder What I'm Doing Wrong --|tI 
       Would Hate To Hate You (Like I Love You) --|tSanta Claus 
       Blues --|tGot To See Her Every Night --|tSo Long Baby --
       |tStop That Train In Harlem --|tYou Are The One I Love --
       |tI Just Can't Help It --|tLonely Nights --|tGood Morning 
       Baby --|tYou Make The World So Bright --|tTears Came 
       Rolling Down --|tSo Long Baby --|tWhat May Your Trouble 
650  0 Blues (Music)|0
700 1  Parth, Johnny.|0
776 1  |cOriginal publisher catalog number|o5281. 
776 1  |cOriginal publisher catalog number|o5282. 
776 1  |cOriginal publisher catalog number|o5283. 
776 1  |cOriginal publisher catalog number|o5284. 
776 1  |cOriginal publisher catalog number|o5285. 
776 1  |cOriginal publisher catalog number|o5286. 
776 1  |cOriginal publisher catalog number|o5287. 
776 1  |cOriginal publisher catalog number|oDOCD-5281. 
776 1  |cOriginal publisher catalog number|oDOCD-5282. 
776 1  |cOriginal publisher catalog number|oDOCD-5283. 
776 1  |cOriginal publisher catalog number|oDOCD-5284. 
776 1  |cOriginal publisher catalog number|oDOCD-5285. 
776 1  |cOriginal publisher catalog number|oDOCD-5286. 
776 1  |cOriginal publisher catalog number|oDOCD-5287. 
776 1  |cOriginal|w(AEU)96702926 /R. 
856 40 |3Vol. 1 1933-1935|u
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       (University of Melbourne only) 
856 40 |3Vol. 2 1935-1937|u
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       (University of Melbourne only) 
856 40 |3Vol. 3 1937-1938|u
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       (University of Melbourne only) 
856 40 |3Vol. 4 1938-1939|u
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856 40 |3Vol. 5 1939-1940|u
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856 40 |3Vol. 6 1940-1946|u
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       (University of Melbourne only) 
856 40 |3Vol. 7 1946-1952|u
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945    The Whole World 
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990    Alexander Street Press 
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