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040    FEE|beng|cFEE|dOCLCQ|dAZS|dOCLCQ|dVU 
245 00 Semiconductors :|btechnical information, technologies and 
       characteristic data /|c[authors, Werner Klingenstein ... 
       and others]. 
250    2nd rev. and considerably enl. ed. 2004. 
264  1 Erlangen :|bPublicis Corporate Pub.,|c[2004] 
264  4 |c©2004 
300    587 pages :|billustrations ;|c23 cm 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    unmediated|bn|2rdamedia 
338    volume|bnc|2rdacarrier 
505 00 |g1.2|tHistorical overview|g14 --|g1.3|tDesign and 
       functioning of integrated circuits|g22 --|g1.4|tOther 
       semiconductor components|g38 --|g2|tDiodes and transistors
       |g45 --|g2.1|tHigh-frequency diodes|g45 --|g2.2|tCharge 
       carrier life and series resistance of high-frequency PIN 
       diodes|g46 --|g2.3|tDefinition of the capacitances for 
       bipolar transistors|g49 --|g2.4|tDefinition of a small 
       signal RF transistor by the measurement of three 
       parameters|g50 --|g2.5|tBipolar RF transistors|g54 --|g2.6
       |tSilicon MMICs simplify RF development|g59 --|g2.7
       |tStabilizing current with the BCR 400 operating point 
       stabilizer|g65 --|g3|tPower semiconductors|g68 --|g3.1
       |tClassification|g68 --|g3.2|tProduct development|g71 --
       |g3.3|tProduct groups|g73 --|g3.4|tWafer technologies 
       (front-end)|g74 --|g3.5|tPackaging technologies (back-end)
       |g85 --|g3.6|tAutomotive power devices|g102 --|g3.7|tPower
       supply and drive applications|g132 --|g4|tOpto-
       semiconductors|g184 --|g4.1|tPhysics of optical radiation
       |g184 --|g4.2|tSemiconductor lasers|g192 --|g4.3
       |tOptocouplers and solid state relays|g199 --|g4.4
       |tOptical waveguides|g201 --|g4.5|tIrDA - data 
       transmission using infrared radiation|g213 --|g5|tSensors
       |g216 --|g5.2|tMagnetic field sensors|g216 --|g5.3
       |tPressure sensors|g231 --|g5.4|tTemperature sensors|g237 
       --|g6|tMemory|g239 --|g6.1|tTypes of data storage|g239 --
       |g6.2|tFundamentals and areas of use for DRAMs|g240 --
       |g6.3|tHow DRAMs have become faster|g261 --|g7
       |tMicrocontrollers|g266 --|g7.2|t8-bit microcontrollers
       |g266 --|g7.3|t16-bit microcontrollers|g288 --|g7.4|t32-
       bit TriCore architecture|g313 --|g8|tSmart cards|g329 --
       |g8.3|tMarket|g329 --|g8.4|tApplications|g330 --|g8.5
       |tBusiness relationships network|g332 --|g8.6|tProducts
       |g333 --|g8.7|tCryptographic expertise|g334 --|g8.8|tChips
       for multifunctional cards|g336 --|g8.9|t"Human interfaces"
       --a new peripheral|g337 --|g8.10|tTechnology and 
       production|g337 --|g8.11|tSecurity|g339 --|g8.12|tOutlook
       |g340 --|g9|tAutomotive Silicon Solutions|g342 --|g9.1
       |tElectronics in the automobile|g342 --|g9.2|tBody and 
       convenience electronics|g343 --|g9.3|tSafety electronics
       |g352 --|g9.4|tPowertrain electronics|g369 --|g9.5
       |tInfotainment electronics|g377 --|g9.6|tNew 42 V vehicle 
       power supply system|g382 --|g9.7|tChallenges and 
       opportunities of x-by-wire|g392 --|g9.8|tFuture of 
       automobile electronics|g397 --|g10|tEntertainment 
       electronics|g398 --|g10.1|tBroadband communication take-
       offs|g398 --|g10.2|tMultimedia card--Ideal mass storage 
       for mobile terminal equipment|g404 --|g11|tCommunication 
       modules|g409 --|g11.1|tOverview and trends|g409 --|g11.2
       |tISDN: From the exchange to the subscriber|g412 --|g11.3
       |tISDN terminal equipment: The subscriber end|g418 --
       |g11.4|tReference designs for ISDN|g423 --|g11.5|tQuality 
       analysis in the telephone network|g425 --|g11.6|tFlexible 
       chip concept reduces costs with PBXs|g428 --|g11.7|tNext 
       architecture generation of mobile terminal equipment - 
       GOLDenfuture for GSM|g432 --|g11.8|tDigital answering 
       machines|g435 --|g11.9|tHandsfree algorithms|g440 --
       |g11.10|tDSL architectures|g444 --|g12|tCustomer-specific 
       integrated circuits|g453 --|g12.1|tSemi-custom IC|g453 --
       |g12.2|tTechnologies|g455 --|g12.3|tPackage variants|g458 
       --|g12.4|tCustomer-IC manufacturer cooperation|g458 --|g13
       |tElectromagnetic Compatibility - EMC|g460 --|g13.2
       |tElectromagnetic compatibility of automotive power ICs
       |g475 --|g13.3|tElectromagnetic compatibility of 
       microcontrollers|g485 --|g13.4|tEMC objectives for wire-
       line communications|g496 --|g13.5|tESD protection measures
       during handling|g506 --|g14|tPackages|g509 --|g14.1|tFrom 
       physics to innovation - the growing importance of package 
       development|g509 --|g14.2|tPackages for semiconductor 
       chips - an overview|g510 --|g14.3|tDriving forces behind 
       package development|g512 --|g14.4|tPackage development 
       around the world|g513 --|g14.5|tUsability for the customer
       : fine pitch and alternatives|g517 --|g14.6|tIC Packaging 
       road map - where is the journey taking us?|g518 --|g14.7
       |tMaterials aspects|g520 --|g15|tQuality|g522 --|g15.1
       |tElements that determine quality|g522 --|g15.2|tQuality 
       measures in business processes|g523 --|g15.3
       |tProcessability for the customer|g525. 
520    "Semiconductors" provides a comprehensive overview of 
       today's standard technologies. The development work 
       involved in such products is also described, along with 
       the variety of them available and their range of possible 
       uses. Future prospects and likely trends are also 
       portrayed. The topics covered extend from the basics of 
       conventional semiconductor technology through standard, 
       power and opto semiconductors to highly complex memories 
       and microcontrollers. Also featured are the special 
       devices and modules for chip cards, automotive electronics,
       consumer electronics and telecommunication. Some chapters 
       are devoted to the production of semiconductor components 
       and their use in electronic systems, as well as to quality
       management. For this second edition, all chapters, the 
       product descriptions and characteristic data have been 
       revised and updated. New chapters have been added. The 
       book offers students and users a unique insight into the 
       technology, architecture and applications of semiconductor
       products. A detailed glossary at the end of the book 
       explains the major technical terms. 
650  0 Semiconductors.|0
700 1  Klingenstein, Werner.|0
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