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100 1  Peng, L.-M.|0
245 10 High-energy electron diffraction and microscopy /|cL.-M. 
       Peng, S.L. Dudarev, M.J. Whelan. 
264  1 Oxford :|bOxford University Press,|c2004. 
300    xxi, 535 pages :|billustrations ;|c24 cm. 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    unmediated|bn|2rdamedia 
338    volume|bnc|2rdacarrier 
490 1  Monographs on the physics and chemistry of materials ;
504    Includes bibliographical references and index. 
505 00 |g1.2|tInteraction between high-energy electrons and a 
       solid|g2 --|g1.3|tElastic and inelastic scattering, and 
       the complex potential|g3 --|g1.4|tAmplitude and the 
       differential cross-section of scattering of electrons|g4 -
       -|g1.5|tElastic scattering by a time-independent potential
       --the one-body Schrodinger equation|g6 --|g1.6|tSelected 
       area electron diffraction (SAED), convergentbeam electron 
       diffraction (CBED), and Kikuchi patterns|g8 --|g1.7
       |tScattering by time-dependent fluctuations of the 
       potential|g11 --|g1.8|tDamping of coherence in inelastic 
       scattering and the validity of the optical potential|g14 -
       -|g1.9|tRelativistic corrections|g17 --|g1.10|tProbability
       current density and conservation of probability|g18 --
       |g1.11|tCorrelation between theory and experiment|g19 --
       |g2|tKinematic theory|g24 --|g2.2|tKinematic and quasi-
       kinematic diffraction theory|g25 --|g2.3|tScattering by a 
       single atom|g27 --|g2.4|tAmplitude of scattering by an 
       assemblage of atoms|g33 --|g2.5|tDiffraction by single 
       crystals|g36 --|g2.6|tDiffraction by a gas, an amorphous 
       solid, and a liquid|g42 --|g2.7|tDiffraction by 
       polycrystals and textures|g45 --|g2.8|tFluctuation 
       microscopy|g48 --|g3|tDynamical theory I. General theory
       |g54 --|g3.2|tRole of symmetry in dynamical diffraction
       |g55 --|g3.3|tForward and backward scattering|g59 --|g3.4
       |tMultislice method|g60 --|g3.5|tGeneral matrix method|g63
       --|g4|tDynamical theory II. Transmission high-energy 
       electron diffraction|g75 --|g4.2|tDiffraction geometry|g75
       --|g4.3|tBasic concepts and the treatment of ZOLZ 
       diffraction|g79 --|g4.4|tGeneral treatment of THEED and 
       HOLZ diffraction|g98 --|g5|tDynamical theory III. 
       Reflection high-energy electron diffraction|g117 --|g5.2
       |tSurface structure notation and RHEED geometry|g118 --
       |g5.3|tRHEED theory|g123 --|g5.5|tRHEED from growing 
       surfaces: intensity oscillations|g175 --|g6|tResonance 
       effects in transmission and reflection high-energy 
       electron diffraction|g186 --|g6.1|tOrigin of resonances
       |g186 --|g6.2|tTransmission resonance diffraction of high-
       energy electrons|g187 --|g6.3|tResonance diffraction from 
       a crystal surface|g200 --|g7|tDiffuse and inelastic 
       scattering--Elementary processes|g228 --|g7.1|tDiffuse and
       inelastic scattering|g228 --|g7.2|tDistorted wave Born 
       approximation|g230 --|g7.3|tDiffuse scattering by point 
       defects|g235 --|g7.4|tVan Hove dynamic form factor|g241 --
       |g7.5|tThermal diffuse scattering|g246 --|g7.6|tElectron 
       energy losses|g251 --|g8|tDiffuse and inelastic scattering
       --Multiple scattering effects|g264 --|g8.2|tBreakdown of 
       the DWBA and the optical potential model|g266 --|g8.3
       |tDiffraction and multiple incoherent scattering of 
       electrons|g268 --|g8.4|tKinetic equation for the density 
       matrix|g269 --|g8.5|tLoss of coherence due to multiple 
       scattering by plasmons|g274 --|g8.6|tDiffraction of 
       diffusely scattered electrons: the formation of Kikuchi 
       lines and bands|g282 --|g8.7|tKikuchi patterns in electron
       backscattering|g287 --|g8.8|tMultiple diffuse scattering: 
       an exact solution of the backscattering problem|g290 --
       |g8.9|tElectron channelling patterns and channelling 
       imaging of crystal defects|g296 --|g8.10|tDiffraction 
       effects in inner-shell ionization, X-ray, and Auger 
       electron production|g304 --|g9|tCrystal and diffraction 
       symmetry|g311 --|g9.2|tRepresentation of symmetry|g312 --
       |g9.3|tReciprocity principle|g313 --|g9.4|tSymmetry 
       elements and their identification|g314 --|g9.5
       |tDiffraction symmetry--a formal derivation|g318 --|g9.6
       |tCrystal point group determination|g330 --|g9.7|tCrystal 
       space group determination|g332 --|g9.8|tAutomated 
       identification of CBED pattern symmetry|g337 --|g10
       |tPerturbation methods and tensor theory|g350 --|g10.2
       |tPerturbation treatment of a periodic structure|g353 --
       |g10.3|tTensor THEED|g358 --|g10.4|tDirect inversion of 
       THEED data|g362 --|g10.5|tPerturbation methods for non-
       periodic structures|g379 --|g10.6|tTensor RHEED and the 
       direct inversion of a surface structure|g383 --|g11
       |tDigital electron micrograph recording and basic 
       processing|g388 --|g11.2|tBasic features of CCDs|g389 --
       |g11.3|tA basic model of an SSC camera|g390 --|g11.4|tMain
       characteristics of an SSC camera|g391 --|g11.5|tSampling 
       theorem|g398 --|g11.6|tDiscrete and fast Fourier transform
       |g399 --|g11.7|tRestoration of images|g402 --|g12|tImage 
       formation and the retrieval of the electron wave function
       |g406 --|g12.2|tElectron source and coherence|g406 --
       |g12.3|tImage formation in an electron microscope|g412 --
       |g12.4|tExit electron wave function retrieval|g418 --|g13
       |tAtomic scattering factor and the optical potential|g427 
       --|g13.2|tOptical potential|g429 --|g13.3|tAveraged 
       potential|g432 --|g13.4|tAbsorptive potential|g437 --
       |g13.5|tComputation of the complex structure factor|g440 -
       -|g13.6|tAnalytical representation of atomic scattering 
       factors|g443 --|g13.7|tAnalytical expressions for the 
       optical potential of atoms and crystals|g447 --|g14
       |tTemperature-dependent Debye-Waller factors|g454 --|g14.2
       |tDebye-Waller factors of elemental crystals|g456 --|g14.3
       |tDebye-Waller factors of cubic compounds|g458 --|gA|tSome
       useful mathematical relations|g470 --|gA.1|tFourier 
       transformation|g470 --|gA.2|tDirac delta function|g470 --
       |gA.3|tKronecker delta symbol|g471 --|gA.4|tSome useful 
       integrals|g472 --|gB|tGreen's functions|g473 --|gC
       |tFORTRAN listing of RHEED routines|g477 --|gC.1|tA 
       FORTRAN routine for the calculation of U[subscript G](z)
       |g477 --|gC.2|tA FORTRAN routine for dynamical RHEED 
       calculations|g481 --|gD|tParameterization of the electron 
       atomic scattering factor|g490 --|gD.1|tParameterization 
       algorithm|g490 --|gD.2|tAbsorptive atomic scattering 
650  0 High energy electron diffraction.|0
650  0 Electron microscopy.|0
700 1  Whelan, M. J.|0
700 1  Dudarev, S. L.|0
830  0 Monographs on the physics and chemistry of materials ;
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990    MARCIVE MELB 201906 
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