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088    RR-443-1-RC 
100 1  Anderson, James M.,|eauthor. 
245 10 Autonomous vehicle technology :|ba guide for policymakers 
       /|cJames M. Anderson, Nidhi Kalra, Karlyn D. Stanley, Paul
       Sorensen, Constantine Samaras, Oluwatobi A. Oluwatola. 
264  1 Santa Monica, CA :|bRand Corporation,|c[2014] 
264  4 |c©2014 
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490 1  RAND Corporation research report series ;|vRR-443-1-RC 
500    "This report results from the RAND Corporation's 
       Investment in People and Ideas program."--Title page 
500    "RAND Transportation, Space, and Technology Program." 
500    "RR-443-1-RC."--Page 4 of printed paper wrapper. 
504    Includes bibliographical references. 
505 00 |gCh. 1:|tIntroduction --|gch. 2:|tThe promise and perils 
       of autonomous vehicle technology --|gch. 3:|tCurrent state
       law and legislative activity --|gch. 4:|tBrief history and
       current state of autonomous vehicles --|gch. 5:|tThe role 
       of telematics and communications --|gch. 6:|tStandards and
       regulations and their application to autonomous vehicle 
       technologies --|gch. 7:|tLiability implications of 
       autonomous vehicle technology --|gch. 8:|tGuidance for 
       policymakers and conclusion --|gAppendix:|tConclusions 
       from qualitative interviews with stakeholders. 
505 00 |gch. 1|tIntroduction --|tWhat Are Autonomous and 
       Automated Vehicles? --|tWhy Is Autonomous Vehicle 
       Technology Important Now? --|tWhat Decisions Do 
       Policymakers Face? --|gch. 2|tThe Promise and Perils of 
       Autonomous Vehicle Technology --|tA Summary of the Social 
       Costs of Driving --|tEffects of Autonomous Vehicle 
       Technology on Safety and Crashes --|tEffect of Autonomous 
       Vehicle Technologies on Mobility for Those Unable to Drive
       --|tCongestion --|tPotential Effects on Traffic Congestion
       --|tPotential Effects on the Costs of Traffic Congestion -
       -|tLand Use --|tEnergy and Emissions Implications of 
       Autonomous Vehicles --|tFuel Economy --|tAutonomous 
       Vehicles Might Enable Alternative Fuels --|tHow Will 
       Travel Demand Affect Energy and Emissions? --|tCosts and 
       Disadvantages --|tConclusion --|gch. 3|tCurrent State Law 
       and Legislative Activity --|tNevada's Certificate of 
       Compliance --|tComparison of State Legislation --|tNevada 
       (NRS 482.A and NAC 482.A) --|tFlorida (Fla --|tStat --
       |tTitle XXIII, Ch --|t319, S 145) --|tCalifornia (Cal --
       |tVeh --|tCode, Division 16.6) --|tWashington, D.C --
       |t(L19-0278) --|tOngoing Legislation in Other States --
       |tArizona (HB 2167) --|tColorado (SB 13-016) --|tHawaii 
       (HB 1461) --|tMassachusetts (HB 3369) --|tMichigan (SB 
       0169) --|tNew Hampshire (HB 444) --|tNew Jersey (A2757) --
       |tNew York (S4912) --|tOklahoma (HB 3007) --|tOregon (HB 
       2428) --|tSouth Carolina (HB 4015) --|tTexas (HB 2932) --
       |tWashington (HB 1649) --|tWisconsin (SB 80) --
       |tStakeholder Interviews --|tConclusion --|gch. 4|tBrief 
       History and Current State of Autonomous Vehicles --|tA 
       Brief History --|tPhase 1: Foundational Research --|tPhase
       2: Grand Challenges --|tPhase 3: Commercial Development --
       |tState of Autonomous Vehicle Technology --|tMaking Sense 
       of the World --|tIntegrity, Security, and Verification --
       |tPolicy Implications --|tConclusion --|gch. 5|tThe Role 
       of Telematics and Communications --|tA Review of the 
       Communications Technologies Used by Autonomous Vehicles --
       |tCommercial Wireless Services --|tDedicated Short-Range 
       Communications --|tBluetooth --|tWi-Fi --|tStakeholder 
       Viewpoints on Autonomous Vehicle Communications --
       |tSpectrum Issues for Autonomous Vehicles --|tWho 
       Regulates It? --|tWill Spectrum Regulation Affect the 
       Deployment of Autonomous Vehicles? --|tHow Will the FCC 
       Proceed to Make Decisions Concerning DSRC Spectrum? --
       |tHow Will the FCC Weigh Competing Claims Concerning 
       Spectrum Use? --|tSpectrum Policy Issues --|tOther 
       Autonomous Vehicle Technology Communications Policy Issues
       --|tDistracted Driving Laws --|tDevelopmental Standards --
       |tData Security --|tData Ownership and Privacy --
       |tConclusion --|gch. 6|tStandards and Regulations and 
       Their Application to Autonomous Vehicle Technologies --
       |tOverview of Regulations for Automobiles --|tCase Study: 
       Air-Bag Regulation --|tCurrent Standards and Regulations 
       for Autonomous Vehicle Technologies --|tFuture 
       Implications for Standards and Regulations for Autonomous 
       Vehicle Technologies --|tStandards and Regulations to 
       Facilitate Human-Machine Interaction --|tPerformance 
       Standards and Regulations --|tConclusion --|gch. 7
       |tLiability Implications of Autonomous Vehicle Technology 
       --|tTort Liability for Drivers and Insurers --|tTheories 
       of Driver Liability --|tAutonomous Vehicle Technologies, 
       Liability of Drivers, and Insurance --|tLiability of 
       Manufacturers --|tThe Role of Cost-Benefit Analysis --
       |tTypes of Defectiveness --|tHuman-Computer Interaction --
       |tEffect of Regulation on Liability and Preemption --
       |tExplicit Legislative Preemption --|gch. 8|tGuidance for 
       Policymakers and Conclusion --|tRisks from Market Failure 
       --|tRisks from Regulation --|tRisks from Liability --
       |tFederal Statute Limiting Tort --|tNo-Fault Approach --
       |tIrrebuttable Presumption of Driver Control of Vehicle --
       |tIncorporation of Appropriate Cost-Benefit Tests in 
       Liability Determinations --|tWhat Principles Should Guide 
       Policymakers? --|tPolicy Research Needs --|gAppendix --
       |tConclusions from Qualitative Interviews with 
       Stakeholders --|tBibliography. 
520    "The automotive industry appears close to substantial 
       change engendered by 'self-driving' technologies. This 
       technology offers the possibility of significant benefits 
       to social welfare: saving lives; reducing crashes, 
       congestion, fuel consumption, and pollution; increasing 
       mobility for the disabled; and ultimately improving land 
       use. This report is intended as a guide for state and 
       federal policymakers on the many issues that this 
       technology raises"--Provided by publisher. 
650  0 Automobile industry and trade|xTechnological innovations. 
650  0 Automobile industry and trade|xEnvironmental aspects. 
650  0 Automobile industry and trade. 
655  0 Electronic book. 
655  4 Electronic books. 
655  7 Electronic books.|2lcgft 
700 1  Kalra, Nidhi,|eauthor. 
700 1  Stanley, Karlyn D.,|eauthor. 
700 1  Sorensen, Paul,|d1967-|eauthor. 
700 1  Samaras, Constantine,|eauthor. 
700 1  Oluwatola, Oluwatobi A.,|eauthor. 
710 2  Rand Corporation,|eissuing body. 
710 2  Rand Transportation, Space, and Technology (Program),
       |esponsoring body. 
710 2  JSTOR|eissuing body. 
776 08 |iPrint version:|aAnderson, James M.|tAutonomous vehicle 
       technology.|dSanta Monica, CA : Rand Corporation, [2014]
       |z9780833083982|w(DLC)  2012276539|w(OCoLC)867840251 
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