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245 04 The Wellborn science :|beugenics in Germany, France, 
       Brazil, and Russia /|cedited by Mark B. Adams. 
264  1 New York :|bOxford University Press,|c1990. 
300    x, 242 pages ;|c24 cm. 
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490 1  Monographs on the history and philosophy of biology. 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index. 
505 00 |g1.|tEugenics in the History of Science / |rMark B. Adams
       |g3 --|g2.|tRace Hygiene Movement in Germany, 1904-1945 / 
       |rSheila Faith Weiss|g8 --|tOrigins of German Eugenics, 
       1890-1903|g11 --|tWilhelmine Race Hygiene Movement, 1904-
       1918|g21 --|tEugenics in the Weimar Republic, 1918-1933
       |g29 --|tEugenics under the Swastika, 1933-1945|g40 --|g3.
       |tEugenics Movement in France, 1890-1940 / |rWilliam H. 
       Schneider|g69 --|tFrench Setting|g70 --|tFrench Eugenics 
       Society|g73 --|tTwenties|g76 --|tOpposition to Eugenies
       |g79 --|tThirties and the Population Question|g84 --
       |tSicard de Plauzoles|g87 --|tImmigration and 
       Sterilization|g92 --|tEugenics and the French Left|g97 --
       |g4.|tEugenics in Brazil, 1917-1940 / |rNancy Leys Stepan
       |g110 --|tStructural and Social Origins|g111 --|tEugenics 
       Movement, 1917-1929|g115 --|tSanear e Eugenizar: To 
       Sanitize Is to Eugenize|g119 --|tRace and the Eugenics 
       Movement in the 1920s|g126 --|tLamarck versus Mendel: A 
       Scientific Divide|g130 --|tLamarck, Mendel, and Race: An 
       Ideological Divide|g134 --|tEugenics in the Estado Novo
       |g138 --|g5.|tEugenics in Russia, 1900-1940 / |rMark B. 
       Adams|g153 --|tOrigins of Russian Eugenics, 1900-1920|g155
       --|tStructure of Russian Eugenics, 1920-1930|g164 --
       |tBolshevik Eugenics|g171 --|t"Eugenics" and the Cultural 
       Revolution, 1929-1932|g182 --|t"Medical Genetics," 
       Eugenics, and Lysenkoism, 1932-1940|g188 --|g6.|tTowards a
       Comparative History of Eugenics / |rMark B. Adams|g217 --
       |tMyths and Realities|g217 --|tProspects|g225. 
520    The four contributors to this volume examine the eugenics 
       movements in Germany, France, Brazil, and the Soviet Union,
       and describe how geneticists and physicians participated 
       in the development of policies concerning the improvement 
       of hereditary qualities in humans. They examine the 
       scientific components of those programs and discuss the 
       involvement of social, religious, and political forces 
       that significantly altered the original scientific goals. 
       The book opens up new and comparative perspectives on the 
       history of eugenics and the social uses of science in 
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700 1  Adams, Mark B.|0
830  0 Monographs on the history and philosophy of biology.|0http
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