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245 00 Gothic documents :|ba sourcebook, 1700-1820 /|cedited by 
       Emma Clery & Robert Miles. 
263    9912. 
264  1 Manchester :|bManchester University Press,|c1999. 
300    ix, 306 pages ;|c24 cm 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    unmediated|bn|2rdamedia 
338    volume|bnc|2rdacarrier 
504    Bibliography. 
505 00 |g1|tSupernaturalism: religion, folklore, Shakespeare|g5 -
       -|g1.1|tA True Relation of the Apparition of One Mrs. Veal
       (1706) / |rDaniel Defoe|g5 --|g1.2|tSpectator, Nos. 12 and
       110 (1711) / |rJoseph Addison|g13 --|g1.3|t'A Night Piece 
       on Death' (1721) / |rThomas Parnell|g19 --|g1.4|t'William 
       and Margaret' (1724) / |rWilliam Mallet|g21 --|g1.5
       |t'Political Vampyres' (1732) / |rAnon.|g24 --|g1.6|tOn 
       the Cock Lane ghost (1762) / |rHorace Walpole|g26 --|g1.7
       |t'Narrative drawn up by Mr John Wesley' (1784) / |rJohn 
       Wesley|g27 --|g1.8|tExample of Shakespeare|g30 --|g1.9
       |t'An Ode on the Popular Superstitions of the Highlands of
       Scotland' (1749-50) / |rWilliam Collins|g41 --|g2|tGothic 
       origins|g48 --|g2.1|tGermania (trans. 1777) / |rCornelius 
       Tacitus|g48 --|g2.2|tLiberty (1734-6) / |rJames Thomson
       |g54 --|g2.3|tCommon Sense (1739) / |rAnon.|g60 --|g2.4
       |t'Spirit of the Laws' (trans. 1750) / |rCharles-Louis de 
       Secondat Montesquieu|g61 --|g2.5|tFool of Quality (1765) /
       |rHenry Brooke|g65 --|g2.6|tLetters on Chivalry and 
       Romance (1762) / |rRichard Hurd|g67 --|g2.7|t'The History 
       of English Poetry' (1778) / |rThomas Warton|g78 --|g2.8|tA
       Critical Dissertation on the Poems of Ossian, The Son of 
       Fingal (1763) / |rHugh Blair|g79 --|g2.9|tMinstrel; or, 
       The Progress of Genius (1770-4) / |rJames Beattie|g84 --
       |g2.10|tOn Fable and Romance (1783) / |rJames Beattie|g88 
       --|g2.11|tA Dissertation on the Origin and Progress of the
       Scythians or Goths (1787) / |rJohn Pinkerton|g93 --|g2.12
       |t'The Gothic Mind' and 'Gothic Literature and Art' (1818)
       / |rSamuel Taylor Coleridge|g94 --|g3|tGothic aesthetic: 
       imagination, originality, terror|g99 --|g3.1|t'Of Heroique
       Playes' (1670) / |rJohn Dryden|g99 --|g3.2|tGrounds of 
       Criticism in Poetry (1704) / |rJohn Dennis|g100 --|g3.3
       |tSpectator, No. 419 (1712) / |rJoseph Addison|g104 --
       |g3.4|tGarrick's performance of the ghost scenes in Hamlet
       (1776) / |rGeorg Christoph Lichtenberg|g107 --|g3.5|t'Ode 
       to Fear' (1746) / |rWilliam Collins|g109 --|g3.6|tA 
       Philosophical Enquiry into the Origin of Our Ideas of the 
       Sublime and Beautiful (1757) / |rEdmund Burke|g112 --|g3.7
       |tOriginality|g121 --|g3.8|t'On the Pleasure Derived from 
       Objects of Terror; with Sir Bertrand, A Fragment' (1773) /
       |rJohn Aikin, Anna Laetitia Aikin (later Barbauld)|g127 --
       |g3.9|tPreface to The Old English Baron (1778) / |rClara 
       Reeve|g132 --|g3.10|t'Account of the German theatre' 
       (1790) / |rHenry Mackenzie|g135 --|g3.11|tOdes and the 
       Taste for Terror|g136 --|g3.12|tBurger, Lenore (1796) / 
       |rGottfried August|g146 --|g3.13|t'On Gothic Superstition'
       and 'On Objects of Terror' (1798) / |rNathan Drake|g154 --
       |g3.14|t'On the Supernatural in Poetry' (1826) / |rAnn 
       Radcliffe|g163 --|g4|tAnti-Gothic|g173 --|g4.1|tArs 
       Poetica (trans. 1709) / |rHorace|g173 --|g4.2|tNovel 
       Versus Romance|g175 --|g4.3|tTampering with History: The 
       Response to Sophia Lee's the Recess (1785)|g180 --|g4.4
       |t'Terrorist Novel Writing' (1798) / |rAnon.|g182 --|g4.5
       |tMonk Affair|g185 --|g4.6|tGothic Drama|g196 --|g4.7
       |tParodies|g201 --|g4.8|t'On the Good Effects of Bad 
       Novels' (1798) / |rE.A.|g207 --|g4.9|t'On Novels and 
       Romances' (1802) / |rW.W.|g210 --|g4.10|t'Rimelli', 
       'Novels and Romances' (1802)|g218 --|g4.11|tHistory of 
       Fiction (1814) / |rJohn Dunlop|g219 --|g5|tGothic and 
       revolution|g223 --|g5.1|t'Demophilius', The Genuine 
       Principles of the Ancient Saxons, or English Constitution 
       (1776)|g223 --|g5.2|tReport of the Committee of the 
       Revolution Society (1789)|g226 --|g5.3|tReflections on the
       Revolution in France (1790) / |rEdmund Burke|g228 --|g5.4
       |tA Sicilian Romance (1790) / |rAnn Radcliffe|g235 --|g5.5
       |tA Vindication of the Rights of Men (1790) / |rMary 
       Wollstonecraft|g236 --|g5.6|tRights of Man (1790-2) / 
       |rThomas Paine|g241 --|g5.7|tLetters on the Revolution in 
       France (1791) / |rThomas Christie|g244 --|g5.8|t'Of the 
       Nature of Government, and the Rights of Men and of Kings' 
       (1791) / |rJoseph Priestley|g246 --|g5.9|tArgument on the 
       French Revolution (1794) / |rDavid Hartley|g247 --|g5.10
       |tTranslator's Preface to Karl Grosse, Horrid Mysteries 
       (1796) / |rPeter Will|g249 --|g5.11|tRovers; or, the 
       Double Arrangement (1798)|g254 --|g5.12|tReview of W. H. 
       Ireland, Rimualdo (1801)|g257 --|g6|tGothic renovations
       |g259 --|g6.1|tWilliam Godwin on Romance and Novel|g259 --
       |g6.2|tMorality of Fiction (1805) / |rHugh Murray|g266 --
       |g6.3|tReview of Walter Scott's The Lay of the Last 
       Minstrel (1805)|g267 --|g6.4|t'On the Origin and Progress 
       of Novel Writing' (1810) / |rAnna Laetitia Barbauld|g269 -
       -|g6.5|tPreface to The Milesian Chief (1812) / |rCharles 
       R. Maturin|g271 --|g6.6|t'Chapter 1: Introductory,' 
       Waverley (1814) / |rWalter Scott|g273 --|g6.7|tBiographia 
       Literaria (1817) / |rSamuel Taylor Coleridge|g276 --|g6.8
       |tSupernaturalism of Everyday Life|g277 --|g6.9|t'On the 
       Supernatural in Fictitious Composition' (1827) / |rSir 
       Walter Scott|g285 --|g6.10|t'The Age of Romance' (1837) / 
       |rThomas Carlyle|g287 --|g6.11|t'The Historical Romance' 
       (1845) / |rAnon.|g292. 
520    In the 1790s, while across the Channel a political 
       revolution raged, Britain was struck by a reading 
       revolution, a taste for terror fiction that seemed to know
       no bounds. Ann Radcliffe and "Monk" Lewis were only the 
       most celebrated of a host of writers purveying a new brand
       of "Gothic" literature. How is it that the age of 
       Enlightenment gave rise to the genre of the literary ghost
       story? This is a landmark in the study of Gothic writing: 
       nowhere else is the historical location of Gothic more 
       richly or vividly illustrated. 
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700 1  Miles, Robert,|d1953-|0
700 1  Clery, E. J.|0
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