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245 04 The political economy of competition law in Asia /|cedited
       by Mark Williams. 
260    Cheltenham :|bEdward Elgar Pub. Ltd.,|c2013. 
300    xi, 438 p. :|bill. ;|ccm. 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index. 
505 0  1. Introduction / Mark Williams -- 2. Japan / Toshiaki 
       Takigawa -- 3. Korea / Jaemin Lee -- 4. China / Mark 
       Williams -- 5. Vietnam / David Fruitman -- 6. The 
       Philippines / Mark Williams and Ruby Ann S. Jalit -- 7. 
       Malaysia and Singapore / May Fong Cheong and Yin Harn Lee 
       -- 8. Thailand / R. Ian McEwin and Sakda Thanitcul -- 9. 
       Indonesia / Ningrum Natasya Sirait -- 10. India / Pradeep 
       S. Mehta -- 11. Australia / Deborah Healey -- 12. 
       Australia : a regulator's perspective / Allan Fels -- 13. 
       Conclusion / Mark Williams. 
520    This is a very timely book which provides an unprecedented
       analysis of the factors which have shaped the competition 
       law systems of ten Asian countries and Australia. The 
       comprehensive discussion from varying viewpoints against 
       the backdrop of the significantly different environments 
       within which the respective regimes have developed creates
       a framework for the comparative assessment of competition 
       law systems elsewhere in the world. Lutz-Christian Wolff, 
       The Chinese University of Hong Kong. New competition laws 
       have been adopted throughout Asia in recent years, and 
       some of the older laws have been significantly 
       strengthened. This makes Asia a fascinating region in 
       which to look at the political and economic circumstances 
       of the countries in which such laws are to be found, and 
       to consider the very different conditions that exist 
       within them. This book will be an invaluable guide to 
       anyone with an interest in the developing competition law 
       regimes of this immensely important part of the world. 
       Richard Whish, Kings College London, UK. This detailed 
       book describes and analyses the essential political 
       economy features that provide the backdrop to the 
       competition policies and competition law regimes of 
       several of the most important Asian economies. The book 
       also discusses the impact of these political economy 
       influences in determining whether the adopted competition 
       policy is effective. Each of the authors experts in their 
       respective countries offer specific insights into the 
       nature and structure of their competition regimes and 
       discuss to what extent the varied political economy 
       factors unique to that country help to determine whether 
       and to what extent the established system promotes or 
       hinders economic competition in that jurisdiction. 
       Comprising wide coverage of Asian jurisdictions, including
       Australia, this book will strongly appeal to students and 
       academics of law, politics, economics and economic 
       development, policy makers in national governments, 
       international agencies and competition authorities, as 
       well as practicing competition lawyers and in-house 
650  0 Antitrust law|zAsia. 
650  0 Competition, Unfair|zAsia. 
650  0 Restraint of trade|zAsia. 
650  0 Economics|zAsia. 
700 1  Williams, Mark. 
710 2  Edward Elgar Publishing. 
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