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Web Catalogue - Placing Holds (Requests)

You can place holds (requests) on many items in the catalogue. Items which are currently unavailable or off campus can then be reserved for you to borrow when they do become available.

What can be put on hold?

Holds can be placed on most items when they are:

  • out on loan
  • on a new books display
  • shipped
  • located off your local campus
  • "on exhibition"
  • on the holdshelf

Items on your local campus which have an Available status in the catalogue (e.g. are not on loan) cannot be put on hold - you should collect these yourself.

What cannot be put on hold?

  • high demand items e.g. 2 hour loans, overnight loans, 2 day loans
  • 7 day loans from some libraries e.g. Brownless Biomedical
  • audio-visual items e.g. videos, DVDs, kits etc.

Some of these items can be booked for use - contact Loans Desk staff for further information.

Audio-visual items and photocopies of journal articles can be delivered to University of Melbourne Libraries on other campuses. Help...

Who can place a hold?

All library patrons can place holds on most items - some categories are however restricted to students & staff from the University of Melbourne.

How do you place a hold?

You can place your own holds (requests) via the library catalogue.

If the item you found in the catalogue falls into the categories above, click the Request button which appears at the top of the screen.

You will be required to enter:

  • your name and library barcode
  • the library branch (pickup location) where the item will be collected by you
  • the date after which you will not need the item (optional ) - this means the hold will be automatically cancelled after this date
  • click Submit
  • select which item you want
  • click Request Selected Item

A message will then advise you if the hold request has been succcessful and where it can be collected when available.

Holds can also be placed for you by staff at any Library Loans Desk.

Library branch (pickup location)

Items located on your local campus must be picked up at the owning library.

Items located off campus can be picked up at a library of your choice.  Select your choice from the dropdown list.

Collecting holds

You will receive an email notice that a held item is available for you to pickup and at which library.

This information will also display in your patron record.

Normally, you have 3-5 days in which to collect held items.

Hold information in patron records

Your patron record shows you:

  • what holds you currently have
  • if these are ready for pickup and at what location

You can also cancel holds here if necessary.

Holds & changes to due dates

High demand items which have many holds placed on them may have loan periods shortened and may be recalled from patrons who have them on loan.

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