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Registering online to be a Library borrower

This page allows you to register online as a patron of our library. You will have limited privileges.

If you’re a student or staff member wanting to register with us through the CAVAL or ULANZ reciprocal borrowing programs, or a student or staff member from an international university, you can register online to become a Library borrower by entering your details in the appropriate form below.

Borrowing is limited to low use material and there is no access to electronic resources.

More information for reciprocal borrowers and international university students or staff.

If you're not a student or staff member from another educational institution please see our library membership page.

Once you've completed your online registration you'll need to confirm your registration at a Library Service Desk and be allocated a library barcode before you can borrow for the first time.

NOTE : University of Melbourne students and staff should not use these forms.

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